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by on December 6, 2021

We all want to spend memorable moments in company with our family, enjoying home and sharing together. The best family conversations are reconciled at lunch, or during dinner, and the perfect place is usually the dining room. We all dream of those large elegant dining rooms where we can enjoy exquisite dishes. How to have the ideal, according to our needs and space? Today we share some tips .

 1- Available space

 The available space will be decisive in choosing our dining room. Take note of the measurements of the area with which you have to be able to accommodate it perfectly. It is recommended that from the edge of the table to any wall there is a distance of one meter, this will give enough space for mobility and comfort.

 Depending on the space, there are some styles that may work best for you. For example, if the place where the dining room will look is on a slope, the best are the tables that are not very high. For elongated spaces, the ideal are those with very marked lines, either rectangular or circular.

  2- Number of diners

 No matter how large your family is, the dining room was created to receive visits and have meetings. If you have the space, the best alternative is dining rooms for 8 people , as there will be room for both family members and a guest.

 If you think 8 is too much, 6-seater dining rooms can also be an option; Although they are a little smaller, in small houses it can be the center of attention without taking up too much space.

  Now that if your dining room has only 4 places, the best thing you can do is take advantage of it as a breakfast room or as an informal table.

 3- Materials

 The material from which the dining room is made will be a key issue to ensure its quality and durability. To get the material right, we must consider the use that will be given to it.

 For everyday use, the most convenient is a resistant material that is easy to maintain. The wood with special treatments are perfect because they are hard and cleaned without problem. On the contrary, if the use is more sporadic, you can opt for noble woods or glass .

  4- Shape and size

 The shape of the dining bedside tables can be rectangular, square or circular.


 The first option is the most popular, thanks to its comfort and it offers more space for use. Its great advantage is that it can be favorably expanded and get more people to have a seat at the table. Calculate one 40 cm deep and 60 cm long for each diner.


 They are perfect for houses with a minimalist or classic style, as it is the most elegant. To give it a little more glamor, you can get a table made of thick glass.


 It is very friendly, because as it does not have corners, it favors conversation. It is the most recommended for young couples who are starting a life and will have regular visits. Calculate the diameter you need, depending on the people who will use it. For example, for four people, it must be 90 cm, and it increases between 15 and 20 cm for each person you add.


Now keep these tips in mind so that your next dining room is where your family and friends can have a good talk, a delicious meal and you can have great moments in company. If you still don't know where to start, at Coley Home we have great options that will suit your space very well. If you want something more personalized, we can make it for you. Contact us and get the High End Custom Furniture you dreamed of at the prices you want.

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