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by on December 8, 2021

Do you love to collect fossils? Then you will better know how overwhelming it is to purchase fossils of real shark teeth! With surging demand for an impressive collection of fossils, collectors are always looking for getting the best deal with quality megalodon teeth. Before spending a hefty amount of money on megalodon teeth, it's important to know your reason for buying them. Regardless of your needs, a real megalodon tooth will be the ultimate addition to your Fossil collection. 

 Top determinants in the pricing of megalodon teeth

 The pricing range of megalodon teeth is determined on several factors, including:


  • Teeth size and weight
  • Discovered location
  • Teeth color
  • Condition of teeth like Enamel
  • Sharp tip
  • Polishing
  • Bourrelet
  • Reconstruction


To have the rarest megalodon teeth in your collection, at first, get acknowledged how to identify a perfect shark tooth. Being a fossilized part of an extinct giant animal, the largest size of the megalodon teeth is somewhat 7.49 inches! And it's exceptionally pricey and rare to get for a lifetime.


If you consider yourself a true fossil explorer, you shouldn't buy the smaller-sized megalodon teeth as they are commonly available nowadays. Considering the high price of fossil teeth, always opt for receiving high-quality teeth in the original condition to get the intrinsic resale value later on. Running after a pretty and polished Megalodon tooth for sale is completely worthless and thus unsellable. If you wish to gift the thrilled teeth to a little fossil lover, you can buy Fossil Replicas for Sale at more economical prices than the real ones.


How to be assured of the authenticity of Megalodon teeth?


It's quite challenging to be sure of original megalodon teeth with a naked eye. However, you can determine a restored tooth using ultraviolet light. If the teeth show dark spots under the UV light, it means professionals have worked on it for restoration. The other way of testing the originality of megalodon teeth is using a hot needle. Experts generally don't recommend this restoration test as it does a lot of damage to a repaired megalodon tooth.


Where to buy the best Megalodon teeth?


As the fossil market has been flooded with dishonest sellers, who always sort out the resorted stuff, you need to be extra conscious while buying a gem for a lifetime. With the wide availability of multiple fossil dealers worldwide, it's very convenient to buy megalodon teeth online or offline. If you are knowledgeable enough about fossils, you can Buy Fossils Online from reliable sellers like Rocksolidfossils. Whether you enrich your fossil collection or want to present someone with exotic gifts like this, you should stick to the ravishing features of premium shark teeth pieces. 


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