Savita Yadav
by on December 14, 2021
You must have heard about West Bengal from various sources; "Amar Sonar Bangla" literally translates as "My Golden Bengal." This state does an excellent job of living up to its moniker. Today, we'll talk about Kolkata, the capital of this golden state, which has served as the state and the country's financial capital in the past. Kolkata, which grew into a thriving metropolis, was dubbed the "Pearl of the East." Because of Kolkata's diverse civilizational culture, the famed French writer 'Dominique Lapierre' dubbed it the 'City of Joy.' In the author's opinion, this metropolis was quite distinct from the other cities in India. The residents' way of life and behavior in this city was so joyful that it was given the title "City of Joy." The city of Kolkata is noted for its trade and its educational, cultural, and historical significance. In addition, Kolkata's old buildings are a testament to the city's wealth and illustrious history. Because of its extensive civilizational culture, the city is also recognized as the cultural capital of India. However, even though various names are known for Kolkata, the general public believes that Kolkata is derived from 'Goddess Kali.' The Goddess Kali is the most popular deity in this area. Every year, at the festival of Navratri, the Goddess is worshipped in nine different forms with tremendous reverence. As a result, Durga Puja is the most important celebration in this area. In this city, Durga Puja is held in the form of a festival. And, large pandals are built all around the city to facilitate the puja organization. Furthermore, grand statues of Durga Ji are erected in these pandals in various configurations. The entire city is illuminated with lights at this time of day, and the atmosphere here turns solemn. Tourists and devotees travel from all over the world to experience this festival. You can get a taxi service from Bharat Taxi to get around Kolkata.
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