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by on December 15, 2021

Egg quality is one of the most prominent factors for a woman to conceive. But about this topic, many women don't ever think about until they are struggling to get pregnant is egg quality. Poor egg quality occurs due to reducing ovarian reserve, and it is one of the most common causes of infertility, especially after the age of 35.

Egg quality is essential because it determines embryo quality. Poor egg quality is closely linked with chromosomal abnormalities in embryos, also known as aneuploidy. In some situations, aneuploidy is because of birth abnormalities or defects and often results in miscarriage at the initial stage. Even the woman does not know that she is pregnant.

In the IVF process, the problem with egg quality can mean that the embryo is not correctly implanted or the egg can't be fertile at all. If you are planning to start the process of IVF, then egg quality should be on number one priority. Your IVF Cyprus is directly linked with egg quality and quantity.

So here are some tips on how to enhance egg quality for IVF success:

1. DHEA Supplements: 

DHEA means Dehydroepiandrosterone is a minor, well-tolerated male hormone that plays a massive role in remarkable results for women with reducing ovarian reserve. A low level of androgens in the ovaries may diminish ovarian reserve and poor quality eggs that can turn to some extent with DHEA supplements. It is also proven in multiple studies.

The supplements are taken in the oral form of 75 mg to 100 mg (after a doctor's prescription) for two months before ovum pick-up is completed. The actual effects are known to peak in 4 to 5 months.

2. Consider Complementary Therapies :

No one can replace consultation with a qualified reproductive expert, but many women think it is a complementary option; however, the alternative therapies and treatment can enhance their sense of healthy – being because they are trying to conceive. 

Taking dietary supplements and massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine all create a healthy environment for your egg. The only precaution is that you must consult with the doctor that there are no harmful interactions between herbs and supplements that you are taking any prescribed medicines.

3. Achieve Normal BMI (Body Mass Index) :

Obesity is directly related to reducing fertility and egg quality because of changes in mitochondrial function and increased oxidative stress. Excessive weight can lead to further hormonal imbalance and disrupt ovulation. A standard body mass index should be 18.5 to 24.9 is required for conceiving. Forgiving you an approx. the idea, those women whose height is 5'6" fall within normal BMI with a weight between 115 – 154 lbs.

4. CoQ10 Supplements :

CoQ10 is a kind of supplement that helps in enhancing the quality of eggs. It acts as a nutrient for the mitochondria, considered energy–house of human cells. As with passing age, the number of healthy mitochondria and levels of CoQ10 reduces. It can enhance the power in egg cells.

In research conducted by China, they experimented on 169 women who provided CoQ10 supplements. It has been found that retrieved a higher number of eggs had better fertilization rates, better embryo quality, and a successful chance of conceiving.

5. Exercise :

Enhancing oxygen-rich blood flow to the ovaries can help improve egg quality. Doing daily exercise and consuming a sufficient amount of water is the best way to achieve this. Obesity can compromise mitochondrial function and enhance oxidative stress on your cells.

6. Manage Stress :

Stress can develop hormones like cortisol and prolactin that can restrict or halt ovulation and create egg production barriers. Follow stress-reducing activities like yoga, meditation, swimming, and a warm bath that helps you keep away stress and frustration at the side.

Improve Your Egg Quality :

Each individual is unique, and there is no specific approach to predict when someone may want to experience reduced ovarian reserve. Rarely can women pass through premature ovarian failure at the early 20s, while at the end of the scale, specifically fertile women, will not experience any significant decline until their early 40?

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