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by on December 20, 2021

Pregnancy is the most crucial period of a mother's life. It is a mixed feeling of happiness and nervousness, but the fear of losing the child remains somewhere in the parents' hearts. Age, weight, medical issues, could be the reason for such problems, but various other causes can lead to miscarriage. There are particular things that you can do to reduce the chance of pregnancy loss; let's discuss them; 


Hygiene: Everyone knows that hygiene should be at the top of the list, but the pregnant woman should keep little extra care about her cleanliness because viral or bacterial infections more often cause miscarriage and infant death. The simple way to avoid this problem is to maintain proper hygiene. Washing hands for just 20 seconds at a time ;

  • before and after having a meal
  • After meeting someone, especially when they are sick.
  • After using or touching things that others have used.

Washing hands regularly prevents the transmission of bacteria and viruses and reduces the chance of pregnancy loss due to viral and bacterial infections. 


Stop smoking; Smoking indeed causes many significant health problems. Reports say that women who smoke are more likely to suffer from infertility, miscarriage, infant death, and premature mature delivery. So, quitting smoke lowers the risk of all such problems and also makes you healthy. 

Be specific with the food; You might find it weird, but the illness caused by food like listeria can increase the chance of miscarriage. Pregnant women are always advised to take food that doesn't carry any dangerous bacteria; usually, uncooked food or unpasteurized cheese is the source of such bacterias. So, pregnant women should always be specific with what they eat and avoid eating unhealthy and unfresh food. 

Exercise; Exercising should be the first priority in the pregnancy period and post-pregnancy. It maintains health, keeps the body healthy and fit, and reduces pregnancy complications. Regular exercise relaxes the back pain, constipation, and bloating. Women who exercise daily during pregnancy are less likely to experience miscarriage or pregnancy loss. 

Keep an eye on your weight; Though there is no evidence that being overweight can cause miscarriage, it would surely decrease the chances of the critical situation during pregnancy because gaining extra weight than recommended can cause complications, such as cesarean delivery and obesity during childhood. So, maintaining your weight would help you a lot and will reduce the chance of pregnancy loss

Do not take medicine unnecessarily; always take properly prescribed medication because unnecessary medicine may lead to concerns and even cause critical situations for infants. But make sure to take the prescribed pills at the time if you are suffering from any health issues because pre-existing illness causes severe problems to you as well as to the infant. 

Be careful about intercourse: It might sound odd, but if you are pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant then consultant most trusted IVF Specialist Doctor in Patna, be cautious about personal time or sex because sexually transmitted infections may lead to stillbirth, infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy etc. Prenatal care will detect such problems, but it would be great if you get yourself screened even before convincing a baby to reduce the risk. 


Avoid consuming alcohol; Pregnant women are advised to stop taking drinks. Everyone knows about the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome, but it can also cause the situation of stillbirth and miscarriage. So, avoid drinking anything that can cause such a problem for the sake of you and your baby. 

Never miss sessions with your doctor; Whether you are planning to conceive a baby or you are already conceiving one, do not miss talking to the doctor. Speaking to the doctor about every minor problem can save you from many complications. In addition, regular checkups and treatment will detect any severe cause, reducing the risk of miscarriage. 

 Plan a baby at the perfect age; Age is an essential factor of pregnancy. Plan your pregnancy at the ideal age, neither too early nor too late, because pregnancy after 40 is more often causes a problem and even leads to miscarriage. So considering age lessens the chance of pregnancy loss. 


Now, we have told you about what you should keep in mind to reduce the chance of pregnancy loss. If you do not know whom to consult, you can see the best fertility center in Patna and tell about your problems to get the solution and to deliver a healthy baby.

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