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Setup Canon Printer via If you have purchased a Canon printer, go to to download and install the latest printer drivers. Here, you will learn the steps to download & install the latest printer driver within minutes. Follow the proper instructions given below to add your Canon printer to the wireless and wired connection. Go to the link and download the printer driver within minutes. How to Download Canon Printer Driver Using Ij.start.Canon? Suppose you have purchased a Canon printer and need to download the latest Canon printer from, then follow the steps given below. Start by turning on your Canon printer and device. Then, you have to run any pre-installed browser on your device. Next, launch the official website and enter Click the Enter button on your keyboard. Tap on the Setup tab, redirecting you to the Product selection window. Next, confirm your Canon printer model and provide it into the search box. Tap on the Go Now, you have to select the operating system of your device here. Lastly, press the Download button and start the downloading process from How to Install Canon Printer Driver via During the installation of Canon printers, you must have a driver file. You can easily download the latest Canon printer drivers from Now, follow the instructions mentioned below. Open the Downloads folder on your device and locate the same downloaded file in the first step. Then, you have to right-click on the file name and select the option Run from the drop-down menu. Next, you have to choose the driver installation window’s region, language, and other details. After that, tap on the Next Agree to the license agreement displayed on your screen and clear the checkbox. Then, click on the option Next. Now, click on the Install option to start the installation process. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes until the process is complete. Now, close the driver installation window by clicking on the option Close. In the end, you need to restart your device to save the changes on your device. If you need to update the Canon printer driver, go to and follow the steps accordingly. How to Connect a Canon Printer to Windows via a Wireless Connection? Follow the steps listed below to connect your Canon printer to the windows via a wireless connection. Press the ‘Power On’ button to turn on your printer. Printers detect networks using the control panel of your printer. Now, click on the wireless network. On your Windows device, open the Canon printer driver. Tap on the option Add device. Next, your Canon printer will begin to detect nearby devices. After that, click on your device and add it to the Canon printer. Lastly, your Canon printer is connected to the Windows device via a wireless connection. You can also visit to download the Canon printer driver through a wired connection. How to Install a Canon Printer Setup via a USB Cable? Here, you will find the steps to install a Canon printer setup on two different devices without the installation disk. Via a USB Cable on Mac Before you enter the process, check the printer model name and number. And make sure that your printer is compatible with Mac. Also, make sure that your printer is close to the printer while initiating the process. Make sure to check if you require a USB adapter. Now, plug the USB cable into your printer and device. Then, turn on your printer by clicking on the power button. Tap on the option Install button when prompted. In the end, follow the on-screen instructions. Once the process is complete, you will be able to use your printer properly. If you haven’t downloaded the printer driver, go to the link and check out all the information regarding the printer driver. Via a USB Cable on Windows Here, we will discuss the method for installing a Canon printer with a USB cable without using the disk. Also, you need to make sure that your cable is compatible with the printer and device. You need to check the required details for your device at . Start by plugging the Canon printer into a power switch mode and turning on the device. Then, connect the printer to your device using the cable. Tap on the Start button on your Windows device. Click on the option Then, enter printers and scanners and press the icon. You have to add your printer device by clicking on the name. Next, follow the on-screen installation process and install your printer via USB.
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