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The rune in Diablo 2 Resurrected is a very important resource, and players usually get it by constantly spawning monsters. But we can also get it through synthesis. Here is a brief introduction to all the rune synthesis methods in Diablo 2 Resurrected and the materials that need to be used. #2 to #10 To synthesize this range, you only need to put 3 same low-level runes in the box and click synthesize to get the upper rune. For example, three #6 runes can be directly synthesized into one #7 rune. The drop probability of low-level runes below #10 is quite high. If you can't brush runes in this range in the early stage of Diablo 2 Resurrected, you can pick up more low-level runes and synthesize them directly. However, if you want to synthesize more advanced runes, using them to synthesize consumes too much, is time-consuming and laborious, so it is completely unnecessary. #11 to #16 The rune synthesis of #11 and above cannot be directly synthesized from 3 same runes (like #2-#10)to the upper-level rune. Each synthesis requires the addition of one specific gem, and the materials for the synthesis of #11 to #16 are chipped gems of different colors. For example, three #10 runes and 1 broken topaz can be combined into a #11 rune, the order of colors is chipped yellow, purple, blue, red, green, and white. Many of the more practical Runeword can use runes in this range, and they are also commonly used as inlays. These runes can be properly reserved, if the inventory is not particularly large, it is not recommended to synthesize upwards. #17 to #22 The drop probability of runes in this range has begun to decrease. If you brush a lot of runes around #20, you only need to keep a part of them for spare, and it is recommended to synthesize the rest to #22 or more. It is similar to the synthesis formula of #11 to #16 runes, except that the materials that need to be used are upgraded from chipped gems to flawed gems. For example, three #20 runes + one flawed gem can be combined into a #21 rune, and the combination of #22 and above runes (including #33 runes) only needs to consume two lower-level runes, such as two #21 runes + a flawed white gem can be synthesized into a #22 rune. The color order of gems is flawed yellow, purple, blue, red, green, and white. The way to synthesize #33 rune in Diablo 2 Resurrected #23 to #28 This range can be said to be an intermediate rune. For example, #24 rune (the function is to increase MF) is a more commonly used rune, #28 rune is also a very valuable rune, can be used to make "Dragon", "Fortitude" and so on. Players who like to knock stones (RR) usually have a lot of #26 runes, so the synthesis formula of this range is also very commonly used. The synthetic material becomes regular gems, and the color order of the gems is regular yellow, purple, blue, and red, green, white. For example, two #23 runes + a square purple gem are synthesized a #24 rune. #29 to #33 Runes larger than #28 are extremely rare advanced runes, which can be used to make some very powerful advanced Runewords. For example, the two Runewords "Enigma" and "Infinity" which are necessary for many later gameplays need to be used these high-level runes. The synthesis formula of #29 to #33 runes is still synthesized with two runes and gems, using the flawless gems yellow, purple, blue, red, and green respectively, such as two #29 runes + one flawless purple gem synthesize a #30 rune. The drop rate of high-level runes is very low, so unless there is a specific need, it is not recommended to use the more useful #30 and #31 runes to synthesize the upper-level rune under other circumstances. The above is the synthesis method of all runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Generally speaking, it is to use some low-level runes to synthesize the high-level runes we need. At Diablo 2 Resurrected, each type of low-level rune we can keep some. After all, it is very expensive to synthesize from runes below #20 to high-level runes, and it is not realistic. Interested players can calculate how many #1 runes we need to synthesize #33 runes. Players who don’t want to spend time synthesizing can directly Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items on MMOSO, price cheap and delivery fast. Article from: Can #33 rune really be obtained through the synthesis in Diablo 2 Resurrected?
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