Estes Concaves
by on December 27, 2021

Using the best combine concave systems can increase the combine harvester's functionality. Combine harvester aftermarket concaves are useful add-ons that provide additional benefits. These aftermarket combine concaves can help with rotor loss and other concerns. This is a critical issue that causes crop loss and can significantly reduce a farmer's profitability. Using aftermarket combine concaves can help overcome this problem while also offering farmers with a variety of other benefits.

What are Aftermarket Combine Concaves?

When a farmer buys a harvester, they normally go for a well-known brand like John Deere or Case IH. After they have the harvester, they can install combine concaves to gain extra benefits out of it. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts can be acquired directly from the manufacturer, in which case they are referred to as combine concaves. Many farmers may not be able to buy these components because they are fairly expensive. Another solution is to buy aftermarket combine concaves, which are less expensive and made by trusted sellers.

These aftermarket concaves provide all of the benefits that a farmer would expect. Farmers will experience a big return on their investment because they are also cost-effective. To appreciate how beneficial these concaves are and why farmers should invest in them, it's necessary to first comprehend their advantages.

Reasons to buy aftermarket concaves

A farmer that buys aftermarket combine concaves can expect to make more money from the harvested crops. The features of the concave combines, as well as the various benefits they bring, can help in this effort. All of the following are the reasons why you should buy these aftermarket concaves:

• Aftermarket combine concaves with the Xtreme threshing feature are very popular. This feature improves and expands the capabilities of threshing operations. As a result, the grains separate readily from the stalk, yielding a cleaner harvest.

• The concaves progressively open, preventing crop loss at the back. The concave's unloading can also be done faster, resulting in a larger yield.

Aftermarket parts are made by leading agricultural equipment manufacturers. They're built to exacting quality standards, ensuring that they'll last a long time.

• The concaves increase threshing space by 135%. This is yet another strategy for enhancing the threshing process and has a direct impact on increased productivity.

• In comparison to round bar concaves, concaves offer additional advantages. The tenfold increase in threshing capability is another key benefit.

• Once installed, farmers can use these concaves to harvest multiple crops, which is beneficial.

• The speed of harvesting would be substantially increased, resulting in higher yield.

• These concaves can help increase crop quantity and quality. Farmers are able to make more money from their harvest as a result, which has a direct impact on their profitability.

Aftermarket combine concaves are highly beneficial from farmers. This is something you would have understood by going through the benefits listed above. Investing on these combine concaves would allow you to get the best from your combine harvester and use it to get increased produce with greater quality.
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