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by on January 4, 2022
Mica is a group of phyllosilicate minerals with layered or platy structures. Mica has a perfect basal cleavage that allows crystals to split into thin sheets. These sheets may be transparent or opaque that are strong and tough, dielectric, resilient, reflective or refractive, lightweight, chemically inert, and hydrophilic. Due to these properties, mica is widely used in various industries, commerce, and households.

Mica Sheets:
Mica sheets are 0.10m- 50 mm thick and the sheets that are flexible are 0.10mm- 2mm thin. These sheets are also highly thermal-resistant which makes them highly adaptable. Low conductivity and good mechanical properties make it suitable for wire windings and heating spirals. These sheets can be stamped and cut and then molded into various shapes and sizes.

Use of Mica Sheets:

  • Aerospace Industry - In this industry, a wide range of mica electrical and thermal insulators are used. Mica’s lightweight properties make it ideal for usage. These mica sheets are capable of withstanding more that 900 degrees of temperature. Mica is used as sheets, laminates, and thermal insulators.

  • Electronics - These mica sheets are used in household appliances and products that have electrical heating elements like in heaters or toasters or ovens. Due to dielectric properties mica is used as electric insulators. Mica is used as electrical and thermal insulators in high voltage electrical wire.

  • Foundry & Steel Industry - Owing to the thermal resistant properties these are used in furnaces construction. They provide thermal resistance to the floors of the furnace.

  • Consumer Applications - Mica is used in certain consumer appliances like hair dryers, ovens, and convention heaters. They have a heating element in them which needs to have an extra covering for the safe usage and is made from the mica.

  • Household - Mica sheets can be molded in different shapes and different designs can be punched in and are used in kitchens of the houses or restaurant. They have heat and scratch resistance properties that make them ideal for usage.

Merino Laminates has a wide range of laminates made from mica sheets that are ideal for usage in kitchens, offices where electrical equipment like PCs are used, and industries where we need heat insulation. They are thermal and electricity resistant. They are scratch and impact resistant.

Post-Laminated Panels - These are a range of panels from Merino Laminates that can be used for executive tables, modular office systems, computer workstations, kitchen cabinet doors and shutters, storage cabinet doors and shelving systems.

Matt Meister - These panels are engineered with a specialized technology and have a super matt surface with PU+ and multiple acrylic coating done on a melamine board compact. It is highly resistant to scratches, dry heat and is available in different colors.

Gloss Meister - These panels are highly glossy with PU+ coating done on melamine bades pre laminated MDF & particle boards. PU+ coated make them highly resistant to scratches. The PU+ layer is modified so as to make it flexible and make them easy to cut and drill without chipping the board. It is also Yellowing effect resistant.
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