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by on January 4, 2022
ERC20 Token Standard has become the most effective standard for Developing Ethereum Tokens. Most of the Ethereum Smart Contracts available today are ERC20-compliant. If you are thinking of launching your tokens, then in this article we will guide you on how to create and deploy your ERC20 token.
Whatever you are going to do basics are its foundation. So let us start with the basics of an ERC20 Token
Overview of ERC20 Token Standard
ERC which stands for Ethereum Request for Comment and 20 is the proposal identifier number that is assigned to this request, hence the suffix. ERC20 Standard is the set of functions that are implemented by all the ERC20 Tokens which allows us to easily integrate with other smart contracts, marketplaces, and wallets, etc. ERC20 Standard contains a set of rules that all tokens based on Ethereum should follow.
What makes ERC20 Tokens powerful and successful?
ERC20 Tokens are simple, easy to create and deploy.
ERC20 was the first one to offer Ethereum Token Standardization. ERC20 tokens like other Ethereum standards are implemented as contracts and operated on the Etheruem Virtual Machine(EVM) in a decentralized way.
Programming Language Used by Ethereum
Solidity a contact-oriented programming language is currently used for developing smart contracts on Ethereum. Solidity was inspired by Javascript, Python, and C++.
Creating and Deploying an ERC20 Token
Evaluating The Requirements
Writing an ERC20 Token in Solidity
Setting the Number of ICO Tokens
Code the Contract
Attribute Inclusion
Testing it on TestNet
Deploying into the MainNet
Creating White Paper
The above process of developing ERC20 Token is just an overview of how we develop at Maticz. We are Maticz leading ERC20 Token Development Company for smart contracts and Blockchain applications helping startups to large companies integrate tokens into their systems. Our ERC20 Token Development Services allow you to create your ERC20 Tokens. Get in touch with our Experts to know in detail to create ERC20 Tokens.
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