by on January 5, 2022
Rodriguez suggests limiting use to only a few hours per day. If you keep it on too long, your body may begin to rely on the device so much that you revert back to that rounding. “You don’t want to use it as a crutch and have it ultimately do more harm than good,” she adds.
Most importantly, don’t plan to use a posture corrector permanently. There’s no magic number in terms of how long you’ll have to wear one, but when you get a glimpse in the mirror of yourself with better posture, that’s the time you can say so long to your little helper. “Think of it like training wheels; everyone will be different in terms of how long they want to use it,” says Rodriguez. For more at Posture corrector USA
These devices are best used in conjunction with a posture-strengthening exercise routine. Your goal is to show your body what it feels like to be in perfect alignment and to strengthen the muscles you need to get it there. “The point is to become more aware of what your body is doing and then nudge yourself into a more optimal position,” says Rodriguez. "You want to engage those postural and stabilizing muscles while wearing the posture corrector so your body can recruit those muscles by itself later on." For more at Posture corrector USA
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