by on January 6, 2022
Roadside assistance is designed to help people who find themselves in a difficult, unexpected situation on the road. From minor breakdowns or wheel changes to collisions and accidents. It is to help all those who need it - regardless of the circumstances. Does this always happen? In an ideal world, yes, but in reality - not necessarily. And while, despite the rather specific industry, we try to publish optimistic content, this time we have to share an extremely unpleasant adventure with you. An adventure that could cost you health and even life. An adventure in which the first violin in creating a threat is played by an entity whose mission should be to improve safety on Polish roads, where thousands of Poles die each year. Worst of all, the whole situation is caused by a deliberate, cynical and deliberate act. We present you below a short video recorded with a car camera, which shows the behavior of one of the trucks tow from the vicinity of Dąbrowa Górnicza. For more at Laweta Katowice
Difficult road situations can happen. They happen extremely often on Polish roads. However, how is it going to be safer on our roads, if the entities responsible for reducing road hazards and removing the effects of collisions or accidents behave themselves in the manner presented in the film? We regret that this behavior took place - especially from the roadside assistance, who knows perfectly well how such behavior on the road can end. We publish this video in order to reflect on the behavior behind the wheel and at the same time appeal - let us keep our sense on the road. For more at Laweta Katowice
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