by on January 12, 2022

Although hair loss is common, understanding the causes and getting the same diagnosed well within time could be the difference between you being able to retain your hair or losing it all and going completely bald. While losing a few hairs on a daily basis is completely normal and a natural process of the body, losing an excessive amount of hair could be the reason for worry. However, in most cases, hair loss can be taken care of by paying a little attention, as soon as the loss starts to become evident. And while PRP for hair growth might be too drastic a step to start with, you can’t choose procedures or therapies blindly either.

Here are some of the most common treatment protocols and therapy procedures used to treat hair loss:

Home remedies: This is perhaps the first line of defence against hair loss – there are several home remedies that would have been passed down through the generations. These remedies could vary from aloe vera gel to onion juice – you can either use the internet to locate some effective remedies or you could talk to the elderly in your family and ask them about what used to be the method for them to prevent hair loss. You could switch to natural hair cleansers such as hibiscus and soapnuts, because these will cleanse your hair and scalp, without adding any chemicals, which could lead to more hair loss.

Medicines: Modern science has led to the formulation of several medicines that can help with hair loss – there are oils and serums that you can apply and then there are medications that you can ingest to help reduce hair loss. While most serums, hair oils and lotions can be used without doctor’s prescriptions, you might need the same for any medicines that you intend to ingest. As a matter of fact, when you look at pills or oral medication, these might be prescribed for a slightly more elevated level of hair loss.

Laser combs and caps: These are perhaps the first quasi-medical steps to controlling hair loss – there are several options that have come in the world of laser hair treatment. While you could go to a proper hair treatment clinic to get your laser comb or laser cap therapy done, there is also the option that you can invest in these yourself. As a matter of fact, there are several handhelds, easy to use options that you can buy for your personal use and utilise on a regular basis.

Injections of corticosteroids: Corticosteroids are actually often immune system suppressors and these are a good option to treat hair loss, especially when the hair loss is slightly aggravated. However, these injections need to be approved by a doctor and should be administered under proper supervision too. These injections, once in the body, will help fight the autoimmune condition that could be leading to hair loss.

PRP: PRP for hair growth is perhaps one of the most popular and minimally non-invasive methods for hair loss treatment. Blood from your body will be taken and the plasma and platelets will be separated to create a powerful growth serum that is injected back into the scalp. This can naturally promote hair growth and since it is using blood from your own body, there are little to no chances of any infections or allergies.

Microneedling: This is a process that is similar to microdermabrasion for your skin – when your scalp is punctured with minute needles, the body is pushed into trying to heal itself. Along with the healing process, you can see the improved hair growth and a natural reduction in hair loss. However, micro-needling needs to be done by an experienced doctor and under proper care and you need to make sure that you get it done only the number of times as suggested by an expert.

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