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by on January 12, 2022

PHP is the most widely used web development language. Laravel is its most well-known framework. We will discuss the reasons in this article. 

The most challenging aspect of project development is choosing the right framework. While the main criteria for a developer team to select the framework is the cost of development, their experience using it, and popularity of the framework, there are many other factors such as deployment, testing, third-party integrations, and many others that should be carefully considered. 

There are many frameworks that support PHP scripting languages, including Symfony and CodeIgniter, Yii 2 Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, and Slim. Laravel is still the most popular PHP MVC framework. 

Laravel is also one the most popular repositories on GitHub, with nearly 67.6k stars and counting. 

What is the point of gaining such popularity? Does it cover all your web application requirements? 

Let's take a deeper dive into Laravel and why it remains the most popular PHP framework today. 

What is Laravel? 

Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell to offer a more sophisticated alternative to the codeIgniter framework. It is primarily based on structures similar to symfony. 

The release of version 3 brought more attention to the framework, which introduced features such as the Command Line Interface called Artisan and Support for the Database system. Bundles were also introduced. 

Laravel's first stable version was released in June 2011. Version 5.6 was released in February 2018. Version 5.7 was released in September 2018. And the latest version 8.x was released in september 2020.  

Why Laravel? 

We'll be highlighting some of the unique features of Laravel Framework here. This will help you understand why it's so popular. 

1. MVC Support and Object-Oriented Approach

Laravel Framework has the best advantages: It follows Model, View and Controller-based architectural patterns and it has expressive beautiful syntax that makes it object-oriented. 

2. Built-In Authorization and Authentication

Laravel offers an out-of the-box configuration of the Authentication and Authorization systems. This means that your application can be set up with secure Authorization and Authentication in just a few commands. 

3. Packaging System

A packaging system is a collection of support software and libraries that allow the web application to automate certain tasks. Laravel uses composer as a dependency manager. This manages all information about packages. Packages can be a great way of speeding development. They provide the functionality that we need right out of the box. Image: Laravel Debug Bar and Laravel IDEA helper are two of the most popular Laravel packages. 

4.Multiple File System 

Laravel has built-in support for cloud storage systems such as Amazon S3 or Rack space Cloud Storage, and also for local storage. As the API is the same for all storage options, switching between them is easy. To serve files from multiple locations, such as in a distributed environment, one can use all three storage systems in the same application. 

5. Artisan Console

Laravel comes with its own command-line interface, Artisan. Artisan is used to publish package assets, manage database migrations, seeding, and generate boilerplate code for new models, controllers, and migrations. This feature allows the developer to create code skeletons without having to do any programming. You can add new commands to Artisan to extend its functionality and capabilities. 

6. Eloquent ORM

Laravel's Eloquent ORM implements the ORM. Laravel's Object-relational Mapper is superior to all other frameworks. This Object-relational map allows you to interact directly with your database objects. 

7. Templating engine

Blade Template Engine is an inbuilt template engine that Laravel has. The Blade template engine is a combination of one or more templates and a data model to create views. It does this by transforming the templates into cached PHP codes for better performance. Blade provides its own control structures, such as loops and conditional statements, that are internally mapped with their PHP counterparts. 

8.Task Scheduling 

Laravel 5.0 introduced Scheduler. It is an extension to the Artisan command line utility that allows programmatic scheduling for periodically executed tasks. Scheduler internally relies on the cron to run one Artisan job which executes the tasks. 

9. Broadcasting and Events

Broadcasting is a Laravel concept that allows you to use real-time data in modern web applications. Live feeds can be shown, etc. Broadcasting allows you share the same event name between your client-side and server-side so that you can pull real-time data from your application. 

10. Test

Laravel defaults to providing the unit test for an application when testing it. This contains tests that detect and stop regressions in the framework. Laravel makes it easy to integrate PHP units, such as a framework for testing. You can also run unit tests through the provided artisan command line utility. 

These features are not the only ones Laravel offers. Laravel also offers other merits for enterprises.  

Some more business advantages  

1. Fast development time 

Laravel is a rapid development platform. Developers will not have to spend a lot of time creating customized solutions for entrepreneurs. Laravel has a large number of libraries and helpers that make this possible. It is possible to create impressive feature-rich solutions that provide excellent user-experience in a short time. Entrepreneurs will enjoy faster revenue streams. 

2. Expandable requirements for future 

Laravel is a popular choice for entrepreneurs with long-term goals because it allows them to expand easily and smoothly. Laravel is flexible and adapts well to changing circumstances. There is no need to be concerned about market changes or shifting consumer demands. Laravel professionals will adjust your application to fit your situation.

3. Cost-effective 

There is not likely to be an entrepreneur who wants to spend a lot of money on technology. Laravel is a platform that uses pre-existing modules, allows for customization and easy scaling. This will ensure that your investments pay off. You will also spend less if you hire Laravel developers on an hourly basis than if you use other technologies. 

Laravel is an excellent framework to build scalable, robust, market leading web applications and tools. If you have an idea and are putting together a competent team of laravel experts, consider our Laravel developers.  

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