by on January 24, 2022
For anyone who attempted to play Diablo III on launch day, the fact that Diablo 2: Resurrection is experiencing technical difficulties now that its release date has arrived will come as no surprise. The RPG game is experiencing a technical issue, and some players have reported being booted out, only to discover that their new characters do not appear on the menu after logging back in.Several months are expected to pass before the conclusion of the investigation, which began in September and is being carried out by an agency of the United States federal government. Meanwhile, a labor union has filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of engaging in unfair labor practices such as worker intimidation and union busting.You can participate in the discussion by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram, which are both social media platforms. Keep up with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews by following PCGamesN on Twitter and the Steam News Hub, or by downloading our free Overwolf app to your smartphone. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date on the latest news in PC gaming.Blizzard has stated that it is actively addressing the issue. In a tweet posted to the official Blizzard customer service account, the company says Diablo 2 resurrected ladder items store is "currently investigating issues that prevent some players from seeing existing characters or from creating new characters."In spite of the frustration caused by these launch issues, it appears that characters are not being erased or deleted, despite initial appearances to the contrary. And it's likely that Blizzard will be able to resolve these issues in the near future.
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