Abhishek Jain
by on January 29, 2022

You're searching for a product or service on the internet. You find a URL, click it, and you are greeted on a website that shouts perfect! The pages are well-constructed, with minimal loading times, beautifully designed clear and precise layouts and stunning images. 

Aren't you captivated by the first glance and convinced that you're at the right spot? This is how powerful a web site! The work is completed by no other person than web developers. 

They are the ones who are responsible for writing code, creating analysis, maintaining, and coding the websites. Therefore, web developers have the best-paying jobs on the software development industry. 

According to statistics that web development is expected to expand by 20% over the next 10 years. Thus, it is expected to see a rise in demand of web designers. 

As technology advanced, we observed the new web development trends and best practices emerge with each new day. In the wake that technology has evolved, we currently can enjoy internet development in various forms. 

Development of the front-end, backend and full-stack design. Although it's always been a discussion of front-end development vs full-stack. It is always the top issue of debate. 

Today, we will compare the two types of web development which are often contested: front-end development and full-stack. 

Let's take a look at the major differences between front-end developers and the full-stack ones! 

What is front-end development? 

The front part of the site is all that you can interact with. When you navigate or press the call-to-action buttons and the fonts that you see as well as the well-placed sliders and drop-down menus are made up of front-end development. They are built in front-end development by developers. 

The effectiveness of websites can be assessed by the way they appear, the ease it provides while working and other such. So, it's not incorrect to state the front end developers are accountable for user experience. It is possible to hire a front-end developer with a vast experience working with Imenso Software. 

The skills required for Front-end development  

Find a front-end developer who is proficient with three languages of programming: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, it is necessary to be knowledgeable of the frameworks , such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone, Angular JS, React JS as well as Ember JS. The reason we stress the necessity of knowledge of these frameworks as these frameworks are used to create stunning website content for every device in use.  

Technologies utilized by Front-end developers

  • Angular.JS 
  • JavaScript 
  • Vue.js 
  • React.js 
  • HTML 
  • CSS 

The strengths of the Front-end developer:

  • Creative 
  • Visionary 
  • Artistic 

Front-end developers' job roles:

  • Front End Developer 
  • CSS/HTML Developer 
  • Front End Web Designer 
  • Front End SEO Expert 
  • Full-Stack Developer 
  • UI Developer 

What does it means? 

Many people work on every element you see on the homepage. For example, a designer develops the images and a content writer creates the content, etc. However, all these pieces are put together by a front-end designer. 

The benefits of hiring front-end developers 

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when you hire a front-end developer: 

  • Concepts for hiring that meet your requirements (Full time Hourly, Part-time, or full time) 
  • Unique ideas with innovative ideas that directly impact business opportunities positively. 
  • The use of modern front-end frameworks, technologies and frameworks. 
  • A pleasant experience for end users with a clear and easy to use interface 
  • Great Themes' design as well as development. 
  • Accurate timeline estimations. 
  • Most profitable ROI on a market that is unbeatable. 
  • Lots of hands-on experience in Front-end development. 
  • Top level design and architecture. 

What exactly are Full-Stack developers? 

The engineering division of Facebook promoted the position of an all-stack developer. The description of the role isn't like the front and back end developers. 

They are however defined as "Full-stack developer" is one who is skilled and is proficient in front-end and developing backend applications." The concept is to find developers who are able to collaborate across the entire technology stack. 

In simple terms they are jacks of all trades! 

The skills required for full-stack development 

The expertise and knowledge required for full stack development encompass every step in the development of web applications. For example, planning projects, managing databases, creating user interfaces, as well as understanding critical requirements. Therefore, full-stack developers should be knowledgeable about the website and the way it functions. 

Technologies employed by Full-stack developers: 

  • HTML/CSS. While HTML is the abbreviation as Hypertext Markup Language CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheets. ... 
  • JavaScript 
  • Git and GitHub 
  • Backend languages 
  • Web architecture 
  • HTTP and REST 
  • Database storage 
  • Basic design capabilities 

The strengths of Full stack developers:

  • Creative 
  • Visionary 
  • Artistic 
  • Analytical 
  • Logical 
  • Systematic 

What does it mean? 

A full-stack developer is the person who is responsible for your experience on a site. From the layout and loading time and its responsiveness with the structural foundations. 

Web development is a multifaceted field. As technology advances we're witnessing incredible improvements. We hope that this blog will help you gain an understanding of the distinct elements that go into the notion of front-end development vs full-stack. 

Advantages of hiring full stack developers 

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when you hire a front-end developer:

  • Full stack developers add a 360° perspective to the project. 
  • Skilled in both frontend and backend development. 
  • Have vast experience with projects in web and app development. 
  • They identify problems quicker that arise during the project. 
  • Can help with design structures and give inputs on every level. 
  • Add smart features and make the product more user friendly 
  • Hiring full stack developers is budget friendly 
  • Beyond being the tech heads, they can also represent the project to stakeholders.

If you're looking to employ a front-end or the full stack developer Imenso is your only true partner. Our unique delivery method that we provide, you have the chance to work with the best developers hand-picked by us to create solutions based on your goals and requirements.

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