by on January 30, 2022
Drug addiction has become a devastating problem in our country. It is injurious to health. Taking drugs without any reason is called drug addiction. There are many types of drugs such as heroin, Yabba, opium, cocaine, marijuana, morphine, ganja, phencyclidine, etc. All these drugs cause unexpected death. For more at cai nghien
People get addicted to the drug for many reasons. Frustration, depression, unemployment, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection, political instability, social turmoil, etc. are the main reasons for drug addiction.
The drugs destroy the addicts physically, mentally, socially, and financially. The Health of drug addicts gets deteriorated gradually that causes a painful death. The addict feels drowsy, lose appetite, and fall asleep after taking the drug. It causes cancer, heart disease, amnesia, blood pressure, insomnia, etc. It also damages the brain, kidney, and liver.
Sometimes for not being able to buy costly drugs, the addicts engage in various crimes like hijacking, looting, and robbery, plundering and killing.
So, it’s high time to stop or overcome drug addiction. Govt. should take punitive action against drug producers, suppliers, and traders. People also should be aware of it. For more at cai nghien ma tuy
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