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by on January 30, 2022
Completing a teacher training course is the initial step to start off a career in yoga teacher training. You can find lots of yoga training schools and institutions offering authentic yoga courses. After some good research and considering your travel possibilities, you can select a yoga style you wish to explore and delve into the teaching opportunities. First of all, decide which style of yoga you want to pursue and which is comfortable for you.

This blog post gives you a glimpse of the top yoga teacher training certification courses offered by Arhanta Yoga Ashrams in its authentic Ashrams in India and The Netherlands.

Yoga Teacher Certification Courses at Arhanta

200 Hour Hatha Yoga TTC India

Our 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training held at Arhanta ashram in India is ideal for people who wish to pursue teaching yoga or advance further in their yoga journey. The course is led by knowledgeable and experienced teachers from our yoga ashram in India. By staying at an ashram you will be immersed in the yogic lifestyle for four weeks, away from distractions of daily life and modern technology. This life changing-course focuses on the practical application of Hatha Yoga.

200 Hour Hatha Yoga TTC Europe

This comprehensive and professional course is designed to give you a correct and sufficient knowledge of yoga, yogic philosophy, proper teaching skills, and enough practical training to teach others with ease and confidence. The 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training is held at our yoga ashram in the Netherlands and is identical to the course we offer in India.

300 Hour Advanced Yoga TTC

Our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga TTC deepens your practice and helps you to achieve your goal of becoming an advanced, multi-style yoga teacher. This is a residential 29-day course that takes place once every two years at our yoga ashram in the Netherlands, Europe. Our ashram, spread over four acres of green land offers an ideal location and facilities to practice advanced yoga and experience the yogic lifestyle.

500 Hour Yoga TTC

This intensive life-changing course is created for serious practitioners who would like to expand their practice and for individuals who intend to set up their own yoga classes and studio. The 500-hour yoga training combines both the 200-Hour Yoga TTC (level 1) and the 300-Hour Advanced Yoga TTC (level 2) in a total of eight weeks. During the course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of teaching methodology and techniques, instructions and modifications of yoga asanas, anatomy, and physiology, yoga philosophy, Multi-style yoga, pranayama, and bandhas.

50 Hour Vinyasa Yoga TTC

Vinyasa is the powerful form of yoga is one of the most-followed yoga styles of the time. The Arhanta 50 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher certification course is specially designed for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, teaching skills and include Vinyasa Yoga in their practice. Vinyasa is physically challenging, demanding and you will often need to adapt and modify certain elements of the classes to make it more accessible to your students.

50 Hour Yin Yoga TTC

The 50 hour Yin Yoga residential teacher certification course is held at our Yoga ashram in the Netherlands, Europe. Yin practice which targets the deep connective tissues of the body is a perfect fit for yoga teachers who want to understand the powerful postures and their variations and modification. The course also focuses on concepts of the various skeletal segments, the different muscle groups, and the importance of the pose specific target areas and comes with a daily hands-on teaching practice

50 Hour Yoga Nidra TTC

Yoga Nidra or the conscious sleep practice is a helpful supplementary certification to any yoga practitioners and health professionals. After the completion of the certification, you can include the powerful technique of deep relaxation in your individual classes and group sessions. The course also discusses developing the right voice and scripts for sessions, evidence-based benefits, different styles, different types of scripts, important safety guidelines, and integrating the practice in daily life.

50 Hour Breathwork and Pranayama TTC

This course is a powerful way to access the techniques of vital force or life force. The course unbelievably elevates your understanding of breath. The 50 hour pranayama course is held at our ashram situated outside the beautiful village of Varsseveld, in the east of the Netherlands. The course will cover a variety of topics like the science behind, different types, structuring classes, safety guidelines, practical sessions, and integrating pranayama in daily life.

50 Hour Meditation TTC

Our trending Meditation certification course revitalizes both your body and mind. During this course, you will master meditation techniques along with daily teaching practice. The 50 hour residential meditation teacher training is held at our Yoga ashram in the Netherlands, Europe. After the completion of our medication course, you will be confident enough to teach the life-changing technique worldwide.

50 Hour Hands-on TTC

As per the requirements of Yoga Alliance, all Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) are required to attend at least 30 hours of continued education in the field of yoga every three years, to maintain and enhance their knowledge and continue their teacher registration. Our 50 hour hands-on certification is the best apt for anyone who wishes to pursue an education certificate so you can continue educating.

This experiential learning enables you to rejuvenate your practices and updates the knowledge and skills learned during the 200-hour Yoga teacher training. This week-long, residential immersion also provides the opportunity for students to share their experiences and seek advice on any questions or difficulties they might have encountered while teaching.

200 Hour TTC Los Angeles

The 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, CA USA is identical to the one at the Arhanta Yoga ashram in India and the Netherlands. Certified by Yoga Alliance, the course will give you all the required skills and confidence as well as an internationally recognized certification to teach worldwide.

The 10 weekends of yoga training will cover very detailed information on 170 asanas, detailed instruction and correction techniques, breathing exercises (Pranayama), asana practice, vedic philosophy, history, culture, yogic lifestyle, and much more. To see an example of the curriculum please visit: Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum.

Apart from these courses, we offer multiple E-course which you can complete at the comfort of your home.


Our values are what guide us. Our Vision and mission are our leading lights. Following the Sivananda tradition, we wish to help yoga enthusiasts to become yoga teachers and yoga teachers to become better yoga teachers. Reaching Arhanta and attaining yoga teacher certification from here helps one to accomplish their fulfilling career as a Yoga Teacher Trainer.

We wish you all our Yoga Teachers a prosperous life and a rewarding career.
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