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The history of the state is full of important events for the country. There is a huge number of attractions.
The state capital – Boston also boasts many interesting places, such as:
• Trinity Church, Park Street Church – churches;
• Massachusetts State House, Old State House — capitols;
• Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science — museums.
A landmark that attracts tourists from all over the world is Plymouth. Not far from the city there is a living museum "Plymouth Plantation". It is a copy of the colony of the first settlers. With accuracy to the smallest detail here is reproduced the life and life of the settlers of the 18th century. The museum is open to the public from spring to late autumn (April-November).
The trick of Plymouth is that the guides are completely included in the image of the inhabitants of the first villages, they dress in national costumes, speak the language of the first settlements and behave the same. Therefore, tourists will be able to fully immerse themselves in the life and atmosphere of that time.
Off the coast of the city of Plymouth moored the famous ship "Mayflower". Rather, it is an exact copy of the ship, which was the first to moor to the local shores during the development of the mainland by Europeans.
Harvard, Cambridge, etc.
Harvard University is another attraction to visit. The university was named in honor of John Harvard, it was this man who made a significant contribution to the budget of this institution. After his death, most of John's estate and library passed into the possession of the university.
It is noteworthy that this institution has in its composition a zoological and botanical museums, as well as separate rooms dedicated to archeology, ethnology, geology and mineralogy. Thanks to this, every vacationer will be able to consider in detail the mysteries of nature.
At the moment, more than 18 thousand students study at the university, graduates of the institution are well-known politicians, scientists and even some American presidents.
In the city of Cambridge, there is a house in which the famous American poet G. Longfellow lived. Now there is a museum. The house is also famous for the fact that at one time it was the headquarters of J. S. Smith. Washington, who later became the first president of the United States.
Required to visit the town of Lowell. It is famous for its National Historical Park. The park is dedicated to the era of the Industrial Revolution in America. In Massachusetts is the city of Brooklyn, which is the birthplace of the 35th President of the United States J. S. Kennedy.
Today in the city you can see the house-museum of the former head of state. Here you can also find the museum of cars L. Anderson. The museum exhibits a unique collection of retro cars. In total, the exposition accommodates thirty-two vintage cars. Interesting here will be a hike with children.
Lovers of something unusual awaits Eliot Congregationalist Church, it was built in the Gothic style in 1873. This church accommodates the indescribable beauty of stained glass, the manufacturer of which is Louis Tiffany.
The first congregational communities of Congregationalists appeared in the 17th century, they defended their independence of each church, in their opinion, each church community should have its own laws and be completely free from authorities.
Revere Beach
Tourists are delighted with the public beach Revere Beach, which is located near Boston. Previously, this beach was visited by all residents of Massachusetts, now the situation has not changed, it is still a favorite for locals and tourists. Great for families with children.
On the beach there is a huge selection of entertainment, the most popular: the palace "Bluebeard", the Ferris wheel, attractions, hippodrome, entertainment centers and much more. But the best attraction of the beach is the roller coaster Cyclone, it is included in the list of the most extreme slides in the world.
In addition to English, many locals have a decent command of Spanish and French. Indigenous people are friendly to tourists, so you can always safely ask for help.
Tourists should take into account that nature is the most important value for the indigenous population of the state. Therefore, it is possible to go on a hike in natural protected places only accompanied by a guide. If you want to stay for the night and set up a tent, you need to choose a specially equipped place for this.
As you can see, the state of Massachusetts is rich in historical and cultural attractions, and we have listed just a few of the most popular. See for us
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