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by on February 13, 2022
Alabaster is one of the most important materials used for home decor product development and is beautiful too. People who are not aware of Alabaster is known as medium-hard gypsum or calcite mineral i.e. white and translucent and fine uniformed grain. If you put Alabaster in the light you can see the small fine natural grain of the stone and is a porous mineral it can be dyed in a variety of colors. This material is being used in the decorative arts for years. Furthermore, decorative objects made out of Alabaster have been found in ancient areas of the world even in countries like Egypt and Italy. Being a natural material, it is still popular today just like the way it was thousands of years ago. Alabaster is used for making home decor products because of the translucent nature of the stone and can be carved or used in a host of ways since it is a medium-soft translucent stone.

Popular ways of using alabaster:

1. Alabaster material ideal for lighting:

The reason why Alabaster is an accurate material for lighting is that it is translucent, as a result, the light will shine through it.

2. Great for lamps:

Alabaster is even used in the creation of table or floor lamps many times either for the base or for the part of the base. If we have to choose one material that can easily mix with brass, it has to be Alabaster.

3. Suitable for furniture:

Another great use of Alabaster is in furniture production and sometimes to enhance the beauty of this material, designers or creators add lights. Along with furniture, this material is used in bathroom accessories as it is naturally waterproof. Hence, it is best to use in a wet location. Now, we will be looking at the top 5 Alabaster home decor products which you can pick for your houses and give your house a new look. All these products are available on CCIC's official website.

1. Alabaster Tile With Assorted Designs And Colors

This beautiful alabaster product is fully handmade inlaid with different types of semi-precious stones. Carnelian, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, and Paua Shell are some of the semi-precious stones that have been inlaid in this White Alabaster product. This 3.5 Inch Alabaster Inlay work Tile is great for your house if you are renovating your house. You can use this tile in your bathroom to give your bathroom a rich look. If you are building your house and planning to make a garden as well, you can use this tile. Just ensure not to use harsh acid or alkali-based cleaner to preserve the beauty of this tile.

2. Alabaster Coaster

Alabaster Coaster is another great home decor item that you can purchase from CCIC's official website. Looking at the image of the product you may find it slightly heavy, but they are not. This home decor item can make your dining table look more classy. The flower design on it makes this item look more attractive.

3. Alabaster Pen-Stand

Want to make your study table look attractive? Nothing can beat the classiness of Alabaster Pen-Stand. The pen-stand offers enough space to keep your essential things. And the small statue of Lord Ganesha enhances the look of the entire product. Whether you have a study table or T.V. cabinet where you have kept a small notebook to write things down, you can use this item to store your extra pens and pencils. Speaking about the cleaning part, all you need is to use a dry cloth to clean it up.

4. Alabaster Handcrafted Chowki

Alabaster Handcrafted Chowki is right for your home temples. This 8x8 inch handcrafted chowki looks great when you place it in your home temples. You can either place idols on it or can use them for decoration purposes.

5. Alabaster Round Elephant Box

This handmade item is another great product for your home. We know it's a box but it is preferable to place it on the center table in your living room for decoration purposes. If you want you can keep some dry fruits in it to serve your guests.


Alabaster is one of the most popular stones used in home decor products and trusts us, when artisans craft beautiful designs on the Alabaster products, the beauty of the item gets enhanced naturally. Along with Alabaster items, CCIC offers other home decoration items online, so go and shop your favorite products online.
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