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by on February 15, 2022

In the past two years, every process has changed, and performance management is no exception. The whole process of gauging and evaluating performance has evolved to a greater extent. One of the most significant changes is, undoubtedly, the shift from outdated manual tools to performance appraisal software.

So, are you still stuck with those old tools and systems? If yes, it is high time for you to implement one of the best performance management systems in India. A big question arises- how can you find one of the best PMS? The answer is its features. 

In this article, we will tell you five must-have features you should consider when investing in performance management systems in 2022. Let’s dive in. 


Effective Feedback Mechanism

We all know that the performance management process is not a one-way process. If it is, employees will be demotivated as well as disengaged along the way. Therefore, employers must design a two-way anytime feedback mechanism.

This is the first and foremost feature your PMS should have. It must allow employees to share and receive feedback anytime. This feature will promote transparency as well as honest feedback.

Some performance appraisal systems also offer anonymous feedback that helps employees share their opinions/thoughts without fear of repercussions.


Performance Data Storage 


One of the most vital performance appraisal reviews is the recency effect. Leaders often find it difficult to remember an employee’s accomplishments beyond the most recent few months. Your PMS should be able to solve this problem.

Delivering storage of performance artifacts is a must-have feature in performance appraisal software. The solution must allow both employees as well as HRs to store and manage performance artifacts such as client feedback emails, peer recognition, and more.

With this feature, no manager will ever be pressured to remember everything done by an employee over the review period. Instead, the performance management solution will take that burden off their shoulders. 


Dynamic Goals and Easy Gauging 

Gone are the days when an employee was involved in just one job. In today’s time, employees are wearing a host of hats with different managers. In such a scenario, it is normal if key result areas change over the year.

That being said, a performance management solution must facilitate a dynamic goal setting where both employees, as well as managers alike, can edit goals according to the position that the employee is involved in for a duration. At the same time, the measurements should be precise and easy. 


Recognition and Rewarding

This is another feature that can help companies improve employee morale as well as performance.

Top-notch performance management software in India provides a common wall for the whole company. For the unintended, this wall allows managers and leaders to recognize the achievements of employees using rewards and badges. On such posts, people can even comment that, in turn, will serve the purpose of motivating employees throughout the appraisal process.

Needless to say, this feature can be a game-changer for the overall employee engagement in the company. 


Effortless Scheduling and Recordings

Last but not least, managers and employers can also have the ease of scheduling daily one-on-ones with every employee. Now, we all clearly know the importance of frequent check-ins during a performance management process.

A performance management solution should be efficient enough to schedule one-on-ones one-time or on a repetitive basis, that too with alerts triggered before the meeting.

Most importantly, the recording of the vital points discussed in the meeting must also be easily available for quick reference in future sessions.

There you are.

So, these are the five must-have features in performance appraisal software. Of course, there are more, but we have discussed the top ones here. Now that you know them, we hope your selection process will be easier. 


Also, remember that the software you choose should be scalable as well as flexible to change according to the needs of your business today and in years to come.

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