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When you've been exploring your island or the area around it, you may have come across some interesting objects that appear to be extremely useful, but you may not have realized that they are actually items that you can obtain for yourself in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are actually a plethora of different objects in the game, particularly in certain buildings, that you simply cannot obtain. All of these different objects would honestly make for some really cool different items if they could be obtained. Throughout this guide, we'll go over the ACNH items that aren't available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.Harvey's Fence is number one on the list.Harvey's fence is an incredibly iconic item for the Animal Crossing community because it's probably one of the most desired items that you can't really get, but that a lot of players really want, and it's one of the most iconic items that you can't really get, but that a lot of players really want. So much so that people actually hacked it into their islands, and it was a fairly common occurrence back in the game's early days before Nintendo intervened and patched the issue in question. Harvey's fence was actually installed around the island by a large number of people, but there was no official way to obtain one for yourself, which was a shame because it is a fantastic and adorable little fence in its own right. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will ever actually incorporate this into the game so that players can obtain it for themselves. All of this just goes to show that this fence could very easily be turned into a physical item that players could purchase and customize.2. Nook's Cranny Watering Can (optional).This time of year, you can find these adorable little watering cans outside and inside nooks and crannies with flowers in them, especially during the spring season. They are such small and inconsequential items, but they make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the store, especially during the spring season. The number of ways to display flowers in the games is simply insufficient, and more greenery would be a welcome addition. However, there are so many different plants that you are unable to obtain any of them.3. Plants and flowersAs you are well aware, Isabelle makes announcements on your island on a daily basis. It is in the residential services building that the announcements will be made. This building is well-known for housing items that are not available anywhere else in the game. It is possible to see the potted plant with some flowers inside it during the morning announcements on the television screen. This item is extremely adorable because it incorporates the flowers from the original game. This item, which has several different variations of flowers on it, would be extremely popular if it could be used on our islands, which is why Isabelle has several of them on her desk. In addition, this item can be made as a DIY project if you obtain three of the same flower and possibly some clay in order to complete it.4. Wicker Baskets from SablesOur collection of wicker baskets would be complete ifanimal crossing art had these sable's baskets. IfACNH 2.0 Items don't want to have them as a stack, we could just have them separately with the cardboard box item, which is a similar size, and you'd be able to stack them on top of each other anyhow.5. The Museum's FoliageThese aren't actual items that could purchase and display in our homes or outside, but they could actually be new types of plants that could plant all over the island, if so choose. There are a plethora of different plants, flowers, trees, and other types of things all over the museum, especially in the bug exhibit, which are unable to access at this time. Because of this, we'd like to see some of the foliage transformed into actual items that ACNH bells for sale can use to outfit our homes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.6. The Nook Stop Slash ABD Machine (also known as the Nook Stop Slash ABD Machine).This item would probably be the most convenient to have on hand. Back in Animal Crossing New Leaf, if you accumulated enough ACNH bells at the post office, you could actually have a very special abd machine sent to you, which would function exactly like the one you could access there. It would allow you to save money and make deposits from the comfort of your own home, as well as pay off loans. This machine has significantly more functionality in Animal Crossing New Horizons, as it allows you to perform other actions such as summoning an amiibo and redeeming nook miles for a variety of different items. It would be extremely convenient to have this item as one of the really high tier rewards, perhaps for accumulating a significant amount of money with the bank of the nook. You could actually have a portable version in your own home or something that you could transport around the island as needed.
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