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It is complicated and difficult to understand the ranking system in Rocket League, which is particularly difficult if you want to achieve the highest possible position in the game. Consequently, we're currently working on responding to each and every one of your inquiries.  Finally, despite all of the confusion, every dedicated Rocketeer has one clear goal: how can I achieve the highest possible rank in Rocket League?You must understand that this is a difficult situation.  Although the guides we provide you with are comprehensive and jam-packed with information, it is ultimately your ability to practice that will distinguish you between the various levels of proficiency.  However, keep in mind that we are professionals, and being condescending is just part of the job description for our position.  Watch as we answer a few of your burning questions about achieving the highest possible rank in the game of Rocket League credits!The highest possible ranking in Cheap Rocket League ItemsThis is the most prestigious position in the game, and it denotes the presence of a player who is truly exceptional in his or her field.  The Supersonic Legend rank is extremely difficult to obtain, even in the professional gaming world (as we will discuss later).  This was confirmed by Stake from Karmine Corp in our most recent interview. It may come as a surprise to learn that Supersonic Legend is a brand-new rank that was introduced when the game went free-to-play in 2020 rather than an existing one.  I think it's important to note that only a small percentage of those who had reached the rank of Grand Champion prior to the shift were actually promoted to the rank of Supersonic Legend after the shift.  What is the reason for this? Because, after all, we'll take a look at it in a minute or so.  At this point, let us quickly go over all of the ranks for your convenience. The absence of Supersonic Legends in the game rocket league item for sale has prompted some to question why.The fact that this is an extremely rare and prestigious position to hold can be seen by looking at the rank distribution of Supersonic Legends players, which can be found here.  Most likely due to the fact that it is the highest and maximum rank that is currently available in Rocket League, but it could also be due to the fundamental premise of how ranking up works in the game as a whole. When it comes to ranking up in Rocket League, both for the purposes of rising through the competitive ranks and earning some of the delectable ranked rewards, you must go through a time-consuming and difficult process that can take several hours.  Having completed that, you'll need to compete against other players in Rocket League's ranked mode, and in order to achieve success in ranked mode, you'll need to be consistently defeating players who are in the same or higher ranks as you.  To do so, you must be able to consistently outperform the other Supersonic Legends competitors. Because the game is so difficult, it explains why there are so few Supersonic Legends players – the game is simply too difficult!The top of the buy Rocket League credits leaderboard can be reached in a matter of hours, according to the game.In order to achieve Supersonic Legend status, we anticipate that you will need to have spent a minimum of 3000 hours grinding.  Also important to consider is that you must be able to maintain your Supersonic Legend ranking, as opposed to simply maintaining your score, as it is not a static score.  Once you have reached the summit of the mountain, you will need to exert consistent effort in order to maintain your current position.
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