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by on February 24, 2022

What is luxury for you? Is it about creating grand opulence with maximalist furniture or is it about a tasteful cool color palette with vintage ceramic on display? Whether you incline towards the neutral hues or cool colors, luxury is all about exuding beauty with class. Pinpointing exactly what luxury is would be wrong because all high-end interiors focus on creating spaces that deliver big on detail, comfort, quality, and sophistication. According to one of the best home interior decorators in Delhi say luxurious spaces are a result of thoughtful ideas that reflect a unique persona. If you want to make your home look fabulous with the most stunning luxurious features, then here is some inspiration for you. Read on!

1. Open Floor Plans

If you want to make your cramped-up space look beautiful, spacious, and luxurious, then an open floor plan can be your one-stop solution. Open floor plans are quite in the hype now because they create a feeling of spaciousness while giving you more room to stretch. With open spaces, you can afford to have more people over the big, celebratory times of the year. So, knock down those walls now!

2. The right Lighting

From the biggest rooms to the quietest corners, the right light can breathe life into every nook and corner of your home. The key is to layer up lighting. Yes, you heard it right! As in the picture, layer your lighting effect with gorgeous chandeliers, ambient lighting and natural lighting to create a luxurious effect in your living space. 

3. Walk-in wardrobes

A spacious, organised and kitted-out walk-in wardrobe is an aspirational aspect of luxurious home design. However, you can maximize the potential of small hidden away bedroom closets to fit all kinds of color schemes, aesthetics and budgets by making them minimally marvellous.

4. Sustainable Decor

What do you understand when you hear sustainability? Sustainable home decor is quite in the hype now. To bring a touch of sustainability, get upholstery or rugs made up of natural fibers. You can also get some greens to add some natural freshness in your ambiance.

5. A well-decorated Foyer

Just like how people judge books by their covers, homes are judged by their foyers. Irrespective of whether you live in a grand house or a small apartment if you want to reflect that luxurious vibe, select an opulent theme for your foyer. A gold-toned foyer as in the picture can be stunning, but you can get grand art pieces for your normal foyer as well to create that high-drama effect.

6. Sunken Living Rooms

Sunken living rooms are the new trendsetters now because they provide house owners a chance to develop a chance of separation with an open principle. The silver-toned decor below embrace various style looks ranging from abstract to Nordic. You can create something likewise or use your own creativity to experiment.

7. In-house libraries

If you love an extremely retro ambiance or something more regal and vintage then start collecting some books for your in-house library. If you already have a collection, then believe in the enigma of hardwood and glammed up chandelier.

8. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are sensational as they embrace various style looks. If you have crossed the concept of a fireplace then get a marble or more specifically white marble one with intricately designed architectural carvings.

9. A spa space

How many times did you see those celebrity baths in the big-screen movies? Well, you can create a similar ambiance in your home with some cozy accessories and high-end installations as in the image. Just ensure to create balance while you decorate.

10. A cute Outdoorsy balcony

Another thing that you can include is an adorable balcony that can be the escapade of your space. An outdoorsy balcony can be a beautiful way to stay connected with the nature while you are still inside. Create a cottage feel as in the picture or apply a Scandinavian theme. The choice is yours!


Note that the idea of luxury differs greatly from imagination to reality. Perhaps luxury for you might be a traditional room decorated with chandeliers, boiserie, heavy swag curtains, and tufted settees. But, for some, it can be a lavish luxury lounge, bounded by a magnificient expanse of glasses, beautiful accent chairs, and a linear sofa. Whatever your idea of luxury might be, always ensure to get in touch with the top home interior designers nearby you to explore a massive array of perfected layouts, gorgeous lighting ideas, and high-end decor. 

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