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Use these animal crossing bushes and trees entrance ideas for outside your airport terminal or terminal building to make a great first impression on your visitors. Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have reported that decorating their island is half (or even all) of the enjoyment they derive from playing the game. More than ever before, players have the ability to alter the natural cliffs and rivers in their immediate vicinity in this installment of the series, which includes altering the landscape itself.
As the adage goes, you should always put your best foot forward, so it's only natural that players are looking for ways to beautify the area just outside their airport, which is where visitors first arrive on the island, and the surrounding area. Our team has assembled 10 of the best ideas, which you can tweak and develop further to create something that is entirely unique to you and your team, achieve their goals when it comes to animals crossing new horizons reaching.
A Funnel Surrounded by Cliffs is a type of funnel.
The first thing we recommend is that you build cliffs around the entrance to your island!
As a starting point, it's a great way to distinguish between various areas of your island that are accessible only by boat while maintaining complete control over the aesthetic that your visitors see when they arrive.
First and foremost, you can direct your guests away from the airport in any direction you choose by strategically positioning the cliffs. Rather than them becoming disoriented amongst your villagers' homes or something like that, it's far preferable to this.
It was submitted by the Reddit user u/sixelabalexis who created the example on the left. According to Reddit user u/eggkit, the example on the right is correct.
Relocate Your Stores in the Neighborhood
If you have a large number of visitors to your, it is possible that they will be doing their shopping in your local shops. Consider the following scenario: if you are a participant in the online Stalk Market, other players may approach you and ask if you are interested in purchasing their Turnips.
So why not locate your shops in the most visible location possible to ensure that customers can easily find them? It also means that you won't have to worry about your visitors shaking your money trees or picking your flowers if you decide to close off the rest of your island to visitors from the outside world.
Taking the First Steps Towards Emergence from the Wilderness
The inclusion of a small forest at the entrance to your animal crossing DIY recipe may be beneficial even if your island's aesthetic does not include a large number of trees, plants, and other naturally occurring scenes.
As long as it is in keeping with your aesthetic, it is fine! Better yet, the greater the number of trees present! It's still possible to pull this off if you're going for a more urban look. An intensely moving experience can be had by being surrounded by wilderness before emerging into a bustling urban environment.
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