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There are a variety of options to get your lost or missing teeth replaced. However, if you are looking for something that works the best then you should choose dental implants. Dental implants have a lot of advantages to offer that are not available with any other tooth-replacement option. You can easily find implant dentists in Bristol to assist you professionally with your tooth replacement. 


Dental implants can be considered one of the most innovative solutions for your missing and lost tooth. The following are some great benefits of dental implants:

  • Prevention of bone loss

You are at risk of losing the bone mass present in your jaw as you lose teeth. This happens because the connection of teeth with the jawbone stimulates it for maintaining the mass. No other tooth-replacement option other than dental implants can stimulate the jaw bone and prevent bone loss. 

  • Natural appearance 

You can find dental implants in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. When you choose dental implants for your tooth replacement, your dentist works to find the implants that perfectly match your natural teeth in color, shape, and size. They fit well within the given space and look just like your real tooth with a very natural appearance. 

  • Restoration of bite capacity 

Loss of teeth can damage your bite capacity. Eating properly and chewing can be a real challenge if your teeth are absent. However, dental implants can restore your chewing capacity as they are anchored within the jaw. You can bite your food with the almost same force with dental implants. Any other tooth-replacement option is not as efficient as dental implants as they are not anchored into the jaw but fitted over the gums only. 

  • Restores your facial structure

Your teeth are responsible for keeping your face shape intact. Loss of teeth can lead to loss of support for your facial structure and this can ultimately lead to alteration of your face shape. You might appear to be elder than your age after losing teeth. Dental implants replace your natural teeth and offer the same support to your facial structure while maintaining your face shape and making you look younger. 

  • Clear speech 

Loss of teeth can lead to unclear speech. Any other teeth replacement option like a denture can also impact your clear speech and you might not be apple to pronounce clearly. However, dental implants enable clear speech and the user faces no problem in pronunciations. 

  • Easy maintenance 

Other teeth replacement options require special products and routines to be taken care of; however, it is not the case with dental implants. You can use your regular products to take care of your dental implants. You can brush them like your natural teeth and use your regular brush and floss for the care. They are very easy and affordable to maintain. 


With all the above-mentioned benefits, dental implants are the perfect solution for your lost and missing tooth. Forget not to consult with a dental expert before you finally get your dental implant. 

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