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by on March 1, 2022
High school graduates who have missed out on final university offers for 2022 are being reminded not to stress because other options are available. Co-Founder of skills and jobs organisation The Careers Department , Samantha Devlin, said many school leavers apply for university because they think it is expected of them. “Our research shows more than a third of students (38%) graduate high school not knowing what they want to do as a career,” Ms Devlin said. “Many students choose university preferences based on what they feel they should do, or conversations they’ve had with their parents.” She said figures showed one in five students dropped out of their first year of university. “What this tells us, is there needs to be a stronger focus on educating teenagers about what job opportunities exist and what career paths, scholarships, and work programs are available.” The Careers Department partners with more than 600 schools across Australia providing students with insights into industries from education to economics, agriculture to advertising, food to fashion. “We provide more than 800 pieces of content including video interviews, podcasts, job finders, scholarship applications, and resume builders, and last year, 76,000 students participated in our virtual work experience programs.” More than 40,000 students have taken part in The Careers Department’s face-to-face workshops, and this year a national tour of more than 100 locations across every state and territory would reach another 40,000. “We want to ensure location, network, and social demographic aren’t limiting students when they’re choosing their career,” Ms Devlin said. Her advice to those who missed out today and do have their hearts set on a university degree is to find alternative ways to gain entry, including internships, graduate programs, diplomas, bridging courses, and vocational studies. “Take the opportunity to research your chosen career path, contact different universities for advice, and look at work experience options. With borders now open again, it might even be the perfect opportunity to take a gap year and go travelling.”
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