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by on March 24, 2022
MLM has grown to be a household name over the years. Implementing the best strategies to engage and develop distributors has helped the industry to establish its goodwill among the consumers. MLM organizations go hand in hand with software technologies to develop, manage, and implement new methods of marketing to create a good business experience. Software systems are available in the market with various tools designed to meet different business needs.

MLM genealogy software is widely used by network marketing companies to view and manage their genealogy network. Genealogy is a term used to describe the study of family histories and relationships between individuals. In MLM, it can be utilized to build a distributor network by creating a genealogy tree with distributors, their uplines, sponsors, downlines, referrals, sales, etc, so that you have a full understanding of how each individual is related to one another and an overview of the business. Genealogy software is a helpful tool for network marketers to use in their business. It streamlines many processes, such as marketing and distributor management.

Popular MLM genealogy trees: 1. Binary 2. Unilevel 3. Matrix 4. Breakaway

Genealogy software displays the above mentioned information by hovering or clicking over distributor icons. These data help distributors and their sponsors to plan their marketing activities well in advance. It also helps them to track how their downlines and marketing activities have performed at a given timeline. Genealogy software systems come with various tools such as automation and analytics which are very helpful at different stages in marketing.

Distributors have a simplified business experience with high-end software tools, which ultimately leads to their growth as well as the growth of the organization. The world of network marketing is more competitive than ever with the emergence of efficient software systems to support businesses. Genealogy software is a great way to track and organize all of your team’s history. When you combine this with network marketing, the benefits are increased.
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