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by on March 26, 2022

Web developers have plenty of tools and options for creating diverse types of websites nowadays. There are plenty of freeware tools and commercial or licensing frameworks. However, a few contenders tend to be the favourite of the majority of developers. WordPress- the popular CMS is one such instance. Even though it has been in the web development sector for a long time- WP continues to hold its ground and thwart the competition from newcomers. However, to extract the most out of it, you have to hire a veteran WordPress website development company.

The WP plug-ins –a major reason for its continuing popularity

WP is popular with web developers and their clients for many reasons. It is easy to use, highly customizable, and secure and offers plenty of flexibility. There are plenty of support communities and online resources loved by the developers as well. However, its huge repository of plug-ins has contributed to its lasting popularity. These plug-ins are basically software components meant for enhancing the functionality of the CMS and websites based on it.

There are over 55000 plug-ins for WP, and these are paid and free in nature. You can find WP plugins for various user needs. There are plug-ins for security, backup management, SEO, media management and more.

The top 10 popular WP plug-ins

While there are several thousands of WP plug-ins, you have to pick the right ones matching your website needs. Not all plug-ins are equally effective, and some may not be secure enough. A custom WordPress development company can help you in picking the right plug-ins, for sure.

Listed here are the top widely used plug-ins for WP:

  • Yoast SEO-WP is ideal for making SEO friendly websites, but it is even better if you use a plug-in that helps enhance the search engine ranking of your website further! Yoast SEO is a popular SEO plug-in for WP. With this, you are able to generate sitemaps, create Meta tags, and link the website with Google Search Console. The plug-in also has a premium version that has a useful Powerful Redirect feature. You also get Internal linking suggestions.
  • Akismet- You want to get rid of the annoying spam emails and messages, for sure. For this, using the anti-spam plug-in Akismet is what you need to do. It automatically weeds out the spam comments from your website. This Premium plugin also ships with an effective security solution. It is compliant with Privacy & GDPR, so you can be assured of staying on the safe side.
  • WP Rocket- Your WP website will not be able to entice the target buyers and visitors if it takes too long to load. In fact, a majority of web users discard websites that are slow loading. WP Rocket is a caching plugin that ensures your WP website loads super-fast. While this is a Premium plug-in, the results are worth the price tag. It reduces the size of the HTML and CSS files significantly. It supports lazy loading and Cloudflare. It loads the images only when the users scroll downwards.
  • UpdraftPlus- Taking backup of your WordPress websites is something you can’t overlook at all. While taking manual backup is an option, a better option is using a backup management plug-in. In this regard, you can pick a contender like UpdraftPlus. It is a popular WP backup plugin using which you can set provisions for either automated or scheduled backup. It supports cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. The backup and restoration features are handy. It also lets you clone and migrates websites made in WP.
  • WooCommerce- Are you thinking of developing a fully functional e-commerce website using WP? Nothing can be of better use than this plug-in. WooCommerce is a powerful and versatile WordPress ecommerce plugin with which you can get your online store up and running fast. There are so many themes and customization options to pick from. It lets you sell myriads of physical as well as digital products. The plug-in supports Extensive payment options. There are options for Product ratings and reviews, and filtering.
  • Wordfence Security- WordPress is not exactly an insecure web development platform. Even then, you should use a plug-in that helps enhance the security level of your WP website. In this regard, Wordfence Security is a good choice. This versatile WP security plug-in comes with an embedded firewall. It checks plugins, themes, malicious redirects, along with the core files. There is a powerful, secure login system in place too. You get Leaked password protection two-factor authentication as well. 
  • WPForms- On most websites, you can find some type of Contact form. For WP websites, WPForms remains the favourite plugin for generating multiple kinds of contact forms. This online form builder has a drag and drops UI. With it, you can create email subscription forms, online order forms, contact forms, payment forms. It also lets you generate online polls and survey forms with ease. This WP plugin blends with leading payment platforms and comes with many pre-built templates.
  • Jetpack- If you are looking for a multipurpose and versatile WP plug-in, Jetpack fits the bill really well. It helps enhance the security, marketing, and design of your website. There are provisions for spam filtering, automated social media posting, site analytics, malware scanning, lazy image loading etc., Made by Automattic. It comes in one free and 3 commercial packages. Jetpack Professional is quite costly but comes free with DreamPress Pro and Plus hosting plans. 
  • EWWW Image Optimizer- You may feel like using a lot of images or image galleries in your WP website. However, using a lot of images may add to the website size. This can affect the website load time negatively. This is not what you want and so use the EWWW Image Optimizer. It comes in a cloud version as well. EWWW Image Optimizer optimises each image in your website automatically and applies suitable compression. It supports security features like SSL encryption. You get free image backups for 30 days.
  • MonsterInsights- This is a popular Google Analytics plugin used for WP websites. It lets you link your WP website with the Google Analytics platform. MonsterInsights enables you to keep a tab on the customers using multiple platforms. It supports Google’s AMP integration. MonsterInsights does not affect the loading speed of your website. It integrates easily with WooCommerce as well. Hire a WordPress developer if you want an alternative to this.


There are many other capable and popular WP plug-ins you can pick from. Not all of these are suited for your needs. Spend some time checking our reviews of these plug-ins and getting information on the developers. Evade plug-ins that have mostly poor reviews and developers are irregular about updates. However, the selection becomes easier when you hire professional WordPress developer.

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