Sajin Rajan
by on April 4, 2022
Despite the already existing damages of COVID-19, the year 2021 saw quite a few disasters like earthquakes, flash floods, and tornadoes. This shook the life and existence of many which eventually affected the economy globally. The direct selling industry in 2021 made many contributions to the economy with its steady growth in revenue and sales.

Many companies came up with CSR initiatives to join hands with communities across the world to help people who are in need and also to help preserve nature.

Some of the major contributions made by direct selling companies are;

- Natura & Co. Joined hands with leading brands like Henkel, L'Oréal, LVMH, and Unilever to begin a consortium to improve sustainability standards in the beauty industry. The company has made major investments to play a serious role in environmental conservation.

- USANA - The brand won the 2021 DSA Vision for Tomorrow Award through its USANA Kids Eat program that supports children. Through the program, 15,000 backpacks and 110,000+ meals were distributed last year. The brand also made remarkable contributions to various environmental initiatives.

- Nu Skin - Nu Skin, Japan collectively participated in food drives for single-parent households, educational and nutritional assistance, and distribution of stationery kits to regions affected by earthquakes. Nu Skin, Europe conducted marathons and cycling to raise funds for local charities, and Nu Skin, Korea donated 300 low-income families gift boxes with needed sanitation and other medical supplies in association with the Korean Red Cross.

Other direct selling companies like Arbonne, Optavia, Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, SeneGence, eXp Realty also did massive contributions financially and otherwise to raise awareness on sustainability, charity, women and child protection, women empowerment, nutrition, health assistance, to eradicate poverty and such umpteen number of issues through their corporate social responsibility wings which is an inspiration for many aspiring brands to do their part for the planet.
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