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by on April 18, 2022

Businesses of CRM and looking to start investing in the greatest software. Many software comes and goes, but SugarCRM software is here to stay in this competitive market and to boost their companies. It is one of the Leading tools of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to track all effective transactions of your customers. We are going to help you by sharing some most-demanding SugarCRM Plugins that are valuable.

Why to adapt SugarCRM Extensions for business handling?

We have an answer to this burning question. Generally, people select the extensions and later on find out complex Customization. And Integration is not at all hassle-free. This makes businesses feel like money wasted, time wasted, and no changes in business efficiency. The identity of a great extension is not making anything complex and Integration should be easier. It should help the Business to shine like the sun.

Best SugarCRM Plugins that are Exceptional for CRM company

We are going to drill down the add-ons of Outright Store with their outstanding functionalities. Check out the Pricing as well-

SugarCRM Recycle Bin (Premium)

Small scale sector gets plenty of records and they start working on that. Have you ever met with the situation of deleting tons of records by mistake? If yes, you landed in the right place because we have the better add-on for your company. What?

Use SugarCRM Recycle Bin which allows you to store all deleted records in one click. We eliminate the long process of getting back those deleted records. Get the functionality of Mass restores to get accidentally deleted records without putting extra manual effort. Moreover, a user can restore those data which was deleted before this extension installation in CRM. Purchase with just $249.00 with the facility of a 3-day risk-free trial.

SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration (Lite)

Looking for more powerful SugarCRM Plugins? Let us introduce to you an extension for turning your Email Campaigning from complex to easiest. The name is SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration (Lite version). Integration is needed with Mailchimp software to offer splendid benefits such as setting multiple Mailchimp accounts in SugarCRM, will never make duplicate records or entities, and more.

It is imperative to get valuable insights about your Email Campaign that you shared with a number of audiences. This plugin will highlight the details like Bounced rate, how many clicked, sent, opened, etc. We will provide you the options to choose how you want to sync like Mailchimp to CRM, CRM to Mailchimp, and Bi-Directional sync. The extension is available for just $399.00 with a 3-day risk-free trial.

SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite)

We integrated Google Calendar and SugarCRM software to save your time and manage the call and meetings in a simple way. Introducing a top-notch plugin SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration for your small-scale business. it centralizes every key communication.

It syncs all your essential tasks and calls in real-time without any delay. You can add the attendee in SugarCRM if he/she is not using it by providing an email address and name. The greatest functionality is syncing the upcoming 60 days meeting. Now just select the time like 15, 30, etc. If you have International clients then this add-on of Outright Store will adjust everything according to their time zone. Use it today for just $399.00.
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