Furqan Ahmed Sair
by on May 4, 2022
Undoubtedly, the Internet has infiltrated our lives so fast that it has become a family member of any society.
Anyone from any walk of life is incomplete without the internet
Here we will talk about Wi-Fi hacking because everyone has to use Wi-Fi, as everyone knows Wi-Fi is a technology that does not use wires or cables. Rather, it helps connect our devices to the Internet via signals through Internet routers, through which as many of our devices as possible have access to the Internet.
Speaking of the history of Wi-Fi, it was first found in the form of WEP in 1997, then upgraded to WPA in 2003, with a little bit of protection against data transfer and hacking of sent messages. System entered.
But it could also be hacked, so next year in 2004 another technology was introduced which we all see in our mobile phones and other devices nowadays. More work is being done to prevent hacking and any non-interference so that no one can access anyone's data, so another technology came to light in 2018.
Called WPA3, which makes access to any hacker extremely difficult.
Just like any internet service provider called ISP is connected to the router via a cable and the same router provides access to the internet by providing a single device to the devices via radio single. Every internet service provider wants this. To provide a security and safety to the users.
However, as technology advances, so do hackers.
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