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by on May 5, 2022
We know flowers commemorate every one of life's important occasions as a family-owned business with over five decades in the floral industry. Subscriptions are a fun way for us to share our passion for beautiful flowers with you and invite you to live a life surrounded by flowers. We're dedicated to bringing joy into your home on a regular basis, not just on special occasions. Our goal is to make fresh flowers a regular part of your life!
Our farm-to-front-door strategy ensures that you always get incredibly fresh blossoms that have traveled less distance. So you may enjoy magnificent flowers that last twice as long, we source and transport from our own farms. Your Flower of the Month club is anything from average, since they are grown on beautiful, verdant fields in Colombia. We have everything, from classic flowers you know and love to one-of-a-kind kinds you won't find anywhere else!
You receive the freshest flowers at the greatest pricing by cutting out the middlemen. With our dependable "set it & forget it" subscriptions, you can now make artisan bouquets a regular part of your routine. Every month, we thrill families throughout the United States with boxes overflowing with stunning blossoms luxury online flower delivery . Free shipping is always available. We collaborate closely with local farmers that share our commitment to people and the environment! Our partner farms provide above-average salaries and benefits to their 1,500 workers. Over the last 40 years, they have supported a housing fund that has assisted over 4,500 families in purchasing or improving their own house.
We collect up to 96 percent of rainwater on our Rainforest Alliance Certified farms for irrigation, and we take satisfaction in fulfilling high environmental standards. In addition, we recycle 24,000 tonnes of vegetable waste each year into 10,000 tonnes of compost. We are always working to create innovative, sustainable practices that reduce our environmental effect. ENJOY FLOWERS assures that our fresh flower bouquets will last seven (7) days following delivery. If not, ENJOY FLOWERS will happily replace it with a similar flower arrangement and send it as soon as possible.
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