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by on May 6, 2022

The giant application environment is known to be the greatest strength of the Android operating system. There is a ton of Android applications out there. They likewise have billions of downloads. Some of the application are paid while some are free. In this guide, we will examine probably the best free Android applications like Video Music App and Cloud Storage App. Such sorts of applications are upheld by sponsorship or some likeness thereof, advertisements, and other monetary settings. However, you can load up on the absolute best stuff.

8 Best Free Android App

Rocks Video Player

If you are searching for an extreme media player that can support ultra HD recordings of all formats, you are all set with Rocks Video Player. It accompanies various elements like gesture controls for playback speed, volume, brightness, and forward. It likewise has support for subtitles. It is a floating video player for android which support all video file formats. You can appreciate better quality, smoother films, and recordings with this application.


The authority keyboard application by Google, Gboard doesn't accompany loads of fancy odds and ends. But it has light theming, gesture typing, Emoji search, voice typing, GIF backing, and others. The coordinated Google search is its fundamental feature. You can undoubtedly look through the web without leaving the current application or keyboard. You can likewise synchronize your saved words between gadgets. It is basic, successful, and free.

Google Drive

This suite incorporates a scope of applications coordinated to Google Drive, for example, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Sheets, and Google Keep. These applications are chiefly utilized for office use. For instance, you can keep spreadsheets, documents, and slideshows convenient. It can likewise be utilized for taking notes, backing up data, and putting away any document you want. Every one of these applications are free except if you have any desire to surpass existing 15GB storage.

Google Opinion Rewards

All you really want to download and introduce this application. This is all you really want to do. It will inform you at whatever point another survey is accessible. You need to address questions it asks every once in a while. For settling the review, it will give you credit that you can use on Google Play Store.


It is a one-stop objective for ringtones, wallpapers, alarms, and notification tones. It has a huge library of all such things in various genres.


It is truly outstanding and free VPNs that have no data transfer capacity constraints. It accompanies encryption and no-logging strategy. The servers are situated in 3 nations for its free adaptation. However, speed is confined in the free form. In any case, you will get limitless data transmission.

Blue Mail

It is one of the most outstanding email applications for Android. It accompanies moderate plan to monitor your mails. Furthermore, it upholds lots of email suppliers, application theming, variety coding to keep things coordinated, support for gadgets, and Android Wear. This email application is truly adaptable, and it can perform a lot of customizations.

Credit Karma

As the name recommends, Credit Karma is a great negligible monetary application where you can check credit score for free. Most importantly, this application can keep you informed about the massive changes that happen to your credit score.

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