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Ukrainian Bear for Global taxidermy in different Bears taxidermy mounts(latest)
Bear Taxidermy
One of the most majestic animals to display in your Ukrainian and North American mammal’s collection is the Chocolate Black Bear Taxidermy Pedestal Mount, Black Bear Cub Life-Size Taxidermy, or Black Bear Life-Size Taxidermy. If you have a passion for bear hunting or simply admire bear taxidermy, you can choose to mount your bear as a full-body mount walking on a log or rock, as a shoulder or pedestal mount, or as a professionally cleaned skull.
Another popular option that bear hunters opt for is a bear rug which includes Black Bear Full-Size Taxidermy Rug, Glacier Bear Full-Size Taxidermy Rug, Grizzly Bear Full Size Taxidermy Rug. A bear rug is a stunning addition to your cabin wall. Regardless of your choice of mount or pelt, these beautiful taxidermy pieces will look majestic mounted in your living room or cabin.
You will find black bear taxidermy, Black Bear Taxidermy Pack, Black Bear Taxidermy Pack Mount, Cinnamon Phase Black Bear and brown bear taxidermy alike in Ukraine. Many of the taxidermy pieces are in Trophy, Superior, Excellent, or Great condition which indicates that these mounts are next to flawless in quality.
Whether you are interested in getting a custom bear mount or want to choose from a catalog, we’re sure that you will be able to find what you’re looking for. Global Taxidermy has many different types of bear mount forms. When you are choosing a custom bear mount from a taxidermist, you will need to make some decisions. Here are five popular ways to pose your bear mount.
From head mounts to shoulder mounts to full body mounts, when it comes to the size of your bear trophy, it’s all about individual preference. With that in mind, here are some popular ways hunters have posed bear mounts:
Standing on its hind legs: On a platform, with its base dressed in fabric resembling dirt, leaves, or grass, it is common to see bear mounts standing up on hind legs looking up, sniffing in curiosity, or growling. One arm can be outstretched in a pawing motion, or both front paws can extend up and over its head with teeth clenched.
In attack pose: It’s a popular choice for hunters to enjoy their bear mounts in an attack pose, down on all fours in full roar, or standing up on two legs baring its sharp teeth. As a full-body mount, a sturdy platform needs to be utilized for placement, along with any natural props, like rocks and tree stumps.
European mount: A European mount is a skull with the hide removed and bone bleached white, usually hung on the wall as a way of showing off the trophy.
Sleeping position: Choosing to go with a sleeping post for your bear mount can allow increased focus on the bear’s fur and show a more peaceful scene. Include props found in nature, like a hollow log covered in moss and a couple of small taxidermy woodland creatures.
Head mounts or shoulder mounts: Showcase a bear mount with everything from the shoulders up, or just the neck and head. Either way, you can customize to pose the bear with its mouth open, closed, or with a growling or roaring expression. Shoulder mounts can face forwards or from either side, and it’s even possible to keep the front legs attached.
Global Taxidermy, there are many poses you can decorate with. In addition, there are also customization options to craft the exact bear mount display you can have. You can have knowledgeable experts passionate about taxidermy do that for you.
Quality Bear Mounts
Bear mounts are dynamic taxidermy preservations of both black bear mounts and brown bear mounts. Bear taxidermy includes a large catalog of various mount positions to choose from.
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