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by on May 17, 2022

Indian jewelry is always considered to be different and exclusive from the rest of the world. With all intricate details, stone works, and unique designs, these jewelry pieces boast the Indian culture and ethnicity in an outstanding manner. With developing fashion sense, women do not wear the royal designs anymore but the jewelry prevalent at the present time are quite heavy.

Out of all different jewelry types you can find in the market, earrings are the most common. They can be worn on almost all occasions without any restriction. Besides, with so many variations in earrings, you can wear them in both ethnic and western styles. Usually, western earrings are somewhat statement designs and hence, they are light. But if we talk about the Indian bridal jewelry set or the kundan sets worn with pure traditional wears, their heavyweight is definitely a concern.

Most women are scared of wearing these earrings because their ear lobes get stretched under the weight. Prolonged time of wear can even cause aches in the ears. This is why you need to know how to wear heavy earrings properly so that you can create a fashion statement you have envisioned for while ensuring your ears don’t start aching.

Wearing a kan ser

Often you will find Indian earrings with drop or chandelier designs that have a bunch of strings that you need to tie at the back of your hair. This is known as the kan ser or ear ser. It can easily distribute the weight of the earrings, provided you have attached the kan ser to a higher position than your ear lobe. This particular piece of accessory will reduce strain on the ear lobes along with adding uniqueness to your overall appearance.

Using a numbing cream

When it comes down to wearing the Indian bridal jewelry set, your ears need to bear a lot of weight and that too for a long time. It can cause excruciating pain in your earlobes and might stretch them a lot. If you cannot use the ear ser or any other accessory to balance out the weight, the only option will be to use the numbing cream. This will cause numbness in the earlobes and you won't feel any pain.

Wearing an ear patch

One of the most common solutions tried by celebrities is the ear patch. It’s a thick piece of transparent patch that you need to stick to the back of the ear. It usually doesn't have any flex. So, the earlobes will stay in shape and won’t stretch, regardless of how heavy your earring is. While buying the ear patch, ensure it is completely transparent and doesn’t cause any flex.

Use a lubricant for easily slide in

Sometimes, your ears can hurt due to the struggle you have to put while inserting the earrings into the piercing. If you use a lubricant, like coconut oil or petroleum jelly, you can get rid of the struggles while wearing the jewelry. Besides, it will also ease the pain and help you bear the heavy weight.

Plan and shop smartly

Last but not the least, properly plan the occasions where you have to wear heavy earrings. If you have back to back functions, it’s better to wear statement and heavyweight earrings alternatively to give rest to your earlobes. Also, there are several earrings that have the same look as of the heavy earrings minus the heavyweight. Having these jewelry items in your collection is certainly a wonderful idea.


Since now you know how to wear heavy earrings without feeling any pain in the earlobes, we hope you won’t cringe anymore by seeing the jewelry. The ways we have described above won’t put too much pressure on your budget also. So, try one of the most affordable options and get ready to show your fashion statement.

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