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A sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation, your bedroom is a place you go to recharge for the next day. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the essentials of a bedroom design. While there’s no wrong or right in decorating a bedroom, you should try to make it relaxing and comfortable. And for this, you need practical and functional furniture with complementing accessories to set the right ambiance. Thus, before planning your next bedroom design, take a look at the bedroom essentials you must put in the room.


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Bed Frame: The bed defines the bedroom’s focal point and a bed frame adds beauty and comfort to it. Look for the biggest frame sizes you can fit blocking any walkway. If you are buying an upholstered design or natural finish, go for solid wood as it’s sturdy and lasts long. Besides, you get a huge variety to select from such as canopy, traditional, modern, mid-century, sleigh, and platform. You can also look for the best bedroom sets in Paramus NJ with bed frames to have a cohesive appearance.

Mattress: Another essential, mattress choice depends on your personal preference. You can pick from options like foam, pillow top, latex, and innerspring. If you belong to the group of front sleepers, back pain sufferers, or side sleepers, a medium-firm hybrid model can benefit you.

Nightstand: With the frame, you have a focal point to select the rest of your bedroom furniture. Choosing the nightstand comes next. You can get a timeless table featuring straight lines, modern silhouettes, or an understated mid-century design with rounded edges. Prefer a solid wood nightstand with a natural finish. In addition, having a drawer will give you good space to avoid clutter.

Dresser: Depending on the available space, you can get a dresser that adds storage space and a design element to the room. Dressers are available in numerous styles and sizes. For instance, you can buy a six-drawer horizontal design, chest, armoires, and vertical stacks. You can also consider alternatives such as a credenza, media cabinet, or hutch. For the style and wood grain, choose the one that contrasts with the paint. However, you should avoid overcrowding and ensure there’s plenty of space in the room to walk and open every drawer.

Bedroom Bench: A bench settled at the bed’s foot extends the frame. For a minimalist-style bedroom, choose a solid wood bench that has a pared-down and clean lines silhouette. Lidded ottomans and upholstered storage benches add much more than merely a sitting place. You can use it to stash additional items like bedding, seasonal clothes, decorative pillows, and more.

Accent Chairs: Accent chairs are generally reserved for family chairs and living rooms. But in case, there’s space, you can use accent chairs to accentuate your bedroom design. And besides the style, it also adds extra seating space. Again, you have multiple choices such as armless slippers, wingbacks, rocking chairs, chesterfield, swivel chairs, and chaise lounges.

In addition to the above list, you can also consider adding bedding, bed pillows, sheets, shams, pillowcases, and bedroom lighting. Shortlist the best Paramus furniture stores before starting your buying journey to explore the best options for your bedroom.

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