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by on May 22, 2022
What Does Decaf Mean? decaf vs regular coffee if a very misunderstood description. Decaf does not mean caffeine free. In fact, some brands of decaf have more caffeine than another brand’s regular blend. And even regular coffee does not contain the same amount of caffeine in each cup. Because the caffeine in coffee can vary based on the bean that is used and how it is brewed. Is Decaf Coffee Good For You? Decaf is chemical process invented over 100 years ago, to remove the naturally occurring caffeine from the coffee bean and the process has not changed much since. While the decaffeination process treats the coffee bean to remove caffeine, how safe that process is depends on how much someone wants to spend on the extraction process. The cheapest methods are unsafe and mostly illegal in most countries. The safest and most environmentally friendly can be expense. Does Decaf Coffee Have The Same Health Benefits? Funny thing about all those health benefits in the news about coffee; for most people, they don’t exist. In the fine print of all those university sponsored independent research studies that make the news: the health benefits only apply to low or moderate consumers of caffeine. Does Decaf Coffee Give You Energy? Does Regular Coffee? Caffeine does not create energy. It triggers adrenaline. Like when you get scared and get that rush of excitement that makes you feel more alert and able to run faster. And like that feeling of being frightened, you will feel a “crash” when it wears off. You didn’t create energy. You borrowed it from later and that why you can feel like the clock moves more slowly in the afternoon than it does the morning.
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