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by on May 23, 2022

What is AngularJS? 

AngularJS development allows you to create a fast-developing environment that is more readable and expressive. This is achieved by allowing you to extend HTML vocabulary for the application. AngularJS overcomes the weaknesses of traditional HTML to allow dynamic views to be declared in web applications.  

AngularJS Development Services is becoming more popular with clients and service providers. It is the best JavaScript framework for developing web applications. 

A variety of JavaScript Frameworks are available for Frontend Development. These include options such as Ember, Vue, and Backbone, along with AngularJS. We will look at a few reasons AngularJS has helped attract more software developers. 

1. Simplified Architecture

AngularJS framework runs according to the MVC Architecture (Model View Controller). MVC is a pattern that software developers use to create interfaces. it is a popular framework for web and mobile applications. 

The Controller is responsible for dividing the app into three parts and defining the interaction between them. These components are Model, View, and Controller. This architecture divides the responsibility between the client and the server. The server will send the web view updated to the user who sends a request from the client.  

This can be in the form of a submission form or a hyperlink request. Multiple views of the same information can also be possible. 

2. Open source and a large user base are two of the benefits

NPM reports that AngularJS weekly downloaded exceeded 600,000. AngularJS Development Services is used by over 6500 developers and big companies, including names like Amazon, Udemy, and Snapchat. Google created it in 2009, and it was built and maintained by dedicated engineers from Reddit and Google.  

The framework has a large developer base that suggests solutions to problems and issues, and these are then implemented to make it better. AngularJS has been widely promoted at hackathons and seminars as well as in print media. This allows users to benefit from the large community for troubleshooting, guidance, and finding new ways of doing things. 

An excellent platform with very few users has many limitations, as opposed to a good platform that offers easy access and great support from many developers.  

This advantage makes it less dependent on one person and allows for projects to change hands quickly. 

3. Ready for unit testing

AngularJS makes it easy to test apps by creating individual test pages. It is essential to unit-test JavaScript code in complex applications. AngularJs makes unit testing seamless and straightforward. Developers feel confident when a code is simple to modify the new code and then refactor the code. It is easier to release updates and ensure that unit testing goes smoothly. Developers need a framework that allows them to test their code for design flaws properly. AngularJS uses dependency injection to manage scopes and controllers and prepare for unit testing. 

4. Google is an added benefit

Over the past several years, Google has been recognized as the most important information technology and data handling company globally. Google's software and apps have made the company synonymous with reliability, robustness, innovation, and user-friendliness. 

Google created the AngularJS framework for developers to help them create unique solutions. AngularJs is maintained at Google by a dedicated team, which is a departure from other open-source frameworks and platforms. Developers feel more confident and secure knowing that they will be working with a consistent codebase for many years. Developers can also be convinced that the framework will continue to improve over time due to Google's research approach. 

5. Real-time testing of the app

Testing modules they have created is one of the biggest headaches for programmers. AngularJS allows programmers to test modules in real-time quickly. It is much easier than waiting to test the module, then updating it in case of problems. AngularJS development services support in-depth and functional testing of every module built. This saves time and makes it easier to use the system. 

6. Amazing support tools available

The availability of great tools is a huge advantage in programming. It makes it easier and more flexible. AngularJS is a popular framework and has many valuable tools at your fingertips. We will look at some of these tools for front-end and testing. AngularJS is a preferred framework for developers and solution providers. 

Djangular, a powerful tool for creating AngularJS content material per application, is a great choice. Djangular allows for easier and more efficient integration of reusable apps with AngularJS. 

Karma is a top-rated JavaScript test runner. Karma has the unique ability to provide a test environment that allows a programmer to test their program in a controlled and safe environment. It can be used to test websites and apps on all devices. 

Another helpful tool is Protractor, which runs on a browser and provides end-to-end testing. can easily be applied to any component of AngularJS, making it more flexible. This tool supports both macros and mention widgets. 

7. Flexibility

Developers love AngularJS for its flexibility in server communication. You can use  

any server-side technology in JavaScript MVC frameworks. Angular offers services beyond XHR, which simplify the code and allow abstract API calls to be made into reusable services. 


It is possible to conclude that developers who don't use AngularJS are missing something. AngularJS is a framework that combines several toolsets to allow for rich client-side applications, allowing for greater flexibility and reduced code. 

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