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by on June 1, 2022
At present, the rice processing business is a good investment. Due to government policies, there are many people who want to start a rice mill business in recent years. The rice mill is indeed a profitable business. When many customers are looking for a rice milling machine supplier, the most common concern is what's the price of rice milling machine, but before you ask this question, you need to know the price of the rice mill is not easy to decide, just like many other large production equipment.
The price of rice milling machine depends mainly on the production capacity you want, processing technical design, the configuration of the rice milling machine, and so on. Rice milling machine prices range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Next, Doing Company analyzes the factors affecting the price of the rice milling machine for you:
1. As I said before, the price of the rice milling machine depends first on the production output. The small processing volume of the rice milling machine is usually processed below 3 tons per hour. The large processing volume of the rice milling machine is generally more than 5 ton per hour. It is worth mentioning that the complete rice milling machine is composed of many different machines, in China, we are used to calling it a production line.
For rice milling machines, the production line with small capacity and the production line with large processing capacity are very different in design, especially the frame part of the machine. The higher the capacity, the higher the bucket elevator height equipped. The requirements for the fixed frame part are also higher, so the difference between the small capacity and the large capacity rice milling machine is not only the superposition of the capacity, so the price also can not adopt the superposition algorithm.
2. The processing technology used in the rice milling machine is also an important factor affecting its price. There are two methods to use rice milling machine to process raw paddy into white rice: brown rice to white rice and paddy to white rice.
(1)The brown rice to white rice processing method is: first remove the rice husk, turn the paddy into brown rice, then mill the brown rice into white rice.
(2)The paddy to white rice processing method is to mill the paddy into white rice at one time. The first method more suitable for the modern rice mill factory, better design, suitable for large capacity, and less broken, better quality. The second method because its technical design limitied, its capacity can't very large, high broken rice rate, etc., the whole rice rate just 30%-40%, so the economic benefit is poor, which has been gradually eliminated by market. Better design can get better economic benefit, so the rice milling machine's price also will be higher.
3. The configuration of the rice milling machine used.
The configuration of the rice mill is mainly divided into basic configuration and perfect configuration. The rice mills are all automated. The basic configuration includes rice cleaning, de-stone, husking, separation, whitening and grading. On the basis of this, perfect configuration add the polishing machine, color sorting machine, automatic packaging machine, etc. Some customers with high requirements also will be equipped with multiple grader, which will divide the produced rice into many categories and refine the market.
Customers who have a good understanding of the rice milling machine know that for large-scale processing, if want to obtain high quality commercial rice, polishing machine and color sorter is essential to add. And the automatic packaging machine can accurately weighing and automatic packaging, saving manpower, increasing production speed and small footprint. These three types of machines, especially color sorter, is very expensive. Therefore, the configuration of the rice milling machine has also become one of the important factors affecting the price of the rice milling machine.
In addition, the strength of the rice mill's production supplier is also part of the factors that determine the price of the rice mill, involving the manufacturer's production qualification, production capacity, equipment quality and after-sales service. In short, the price of the rice mill depends on a number of factors, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to several million dollars, and customers should make reasonable choices according to their own circumstances. If you want to get the exact price, you first need to identify your needs, then you can contact us, Doing Company will arrange professional person to introduce for you.
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