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There are many different types of chefs who wear pants on the market. These pants are designed for a variety of jobs, but the most important aspects are comfort, durability, and breathability. Let's look at some of the most popular styles and features. Also, keep in mind that these types of pants can get very hot, so make sure to check out our guide to selecting the right pair for you. In addition, we'll cover the various features of chef pants to help you make the right decision. Comfort When looking for comfortable, functional kitchen wear, you'll be happy to find the right pair of chef's pants. While they're not designed for streetwear, they are surprisingly comfortable. In fact, some people purchase chef pants for their own use at home. These trousers are usually inexpensive, and you can find them at any restaurant supply store or order them from the manufacturer's website. To find the perfect pair, read the article below. To get the best fit, look for a pair of pants that are baggy and have elastic waistbands. They should also fit comfortably, without restricting movement. In addition, chef's pants should be durable, light, and look professional. If possible, choose a striped or checkered pattern to distract from spills. Also, remember to buy a pair that has pockets, so that you can easily store them away. Durability Durability is an important factor to consider when buying chef pants. There are several different types of fabric available, but cotton and twill are some of the most durable. Spun polyester is a newer material that has the look of cotton, but is stain and shrink-resistant. However, the durability of chef pants is more of an issue if you're going to wear them every day. Despite its durability, you should also look for other qualities, such as comfort and breathability. Whether you're buying pants for a business or for personal use, choose ones that will last for years. Zipper pants are most common, but many chefs prefer tie or elastic waists. In addition to being comfortable and functional, a pair of chef pants should protect your body from hot liquids. Choose a pair that is sturdy enough to prevent heat transfer, and keep the pant size loose. If you're looking for a classic pair of chef pants, Uncommon Threads makes a range of styles, from baggy to skinny. Breathability While many chef pants are made of synthetic materials, some are made of cotton or polyester. Those made of cotton usually have a higher percentage of this fiber. The more cotton a pair of chef pants has, the thicker the fabric will be. Chef pants made of polyester and viscose are often breathable, but the fabric is bulkier and thicker. Chef pants made of polyviscose, a mix of polyester and viscose, have the properties of cotton and resist washing. Chef pants are usually made of cotton or a blend of both. Some manufacturers prefer to use polyester. A soft twill weave is commonly used. Lightweight chef pants will keep you cooler, especially in hot kitchens. You'll also find that treated chef pants are easier to clean than those made of cotton or polyester. This means you won't have to worry about getting your pants ruined - they'll stay in good condition even when you're slaving away in the kitchen. Style Whether you're a kitchen-based chef or simply want to look the part, a good pair of chef pants can make the difference. Most have an elastic waist and drawstring for an easy fit, and a 65/35 poly/cotton blend makes them easy to care for. Pants with an inseam of 32" are made to be comfortable and easy to move in. Some styles also feature stylish patterns that hide stains. If you're in the kitchen all day, you'll likely want to keep cool while working. Cargo chef pants are one of the most popular and hip styles of chef pants. They're made of lightweight fabric that allows for air circulation. They're also breathable, so you can keep your hands free of grease. The versatility of these pants means you can wear them with any outfit and look great in the kitchen. A pair of cargo chef pants are perfect for hot kitchens because it allows for easy removal and washing.
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