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by on June 3, 2022

Equalizers play a very important role to get better sound quality on music and recordings.

Rocks Video Player comes with the feature called Equalizer by this we can correct or improve the sound of the content that we’re listening or watching.

Various designers have various thoughts on how a music player ought to function yet balancer gives you opportunity to change its settings. We additionally don't necessarily appreciate music in ideal settings. We normally pay attention to music while exercising or driving where ambient noise or state of room can affect your listening experience. The surrounding noise and state of the room can likewise influence music clearness. All things considered, an EQ or Equalizer acts the hero.

If you listen to EDM regularly however the treble should be pulled back or is excessively sharp. Whether you need a warmer sound, you want more punch or bass which will shake the inner parts, a balancer can assist with dialing in the sound which is the most ideal for you.

If you expand a lot of frequencies, music might sound jumbled. You can decrease the bothersome sound by making a little shift and draw nearer to what you need.

Rocks Video Player also comes with different features like background video playback, gesture control, subtitle support, music library support and more. This is a 4k media player that supports all popular video file formats likes MOV, MP4, MKV, WebM and more.

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