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immorente hessen  One of the songs my old band played was a tune that Anders had written to a poem by Hermann Hesse. It's in his 1927 novel Steppenwolf and treats one of the central themes of the book,


Anders used the 1932 Swedish translation by Sven Stolpe (or was the poetry in that edition translated by the poet Anders asterling, who wrote the introductory essay. leibrente hessen  Here's Basil Creighton's 1929 English translation.

The Immortals

By Hermann HesseEver reeking from the vales of earth
Ascends to us life's fevered surge,
Wealth's excess, the rage of dearth,
Smoke of death-meals on the gallow's verge;
Greed without end, spasmodic lust;
Murderers' hands, usurers' hands, hands of prayer;

Secure And Stab-le Supplementary Pension


Time and again the urges of life steam up to us from Earth's valleys: wild distress, drunken exuberance, gory smoke from a thousand last meals, spasms of pleasure, desire without end, the hands of murderers, of usurers, of people praying.Swarming humanity  immobilienrente hessen   lashed by fear and desire, reeks sultry and foul, raw and warm; breathes bliss and unfettered rutting, eats itself and spits itself out again, breeds wars and high art, decorates the scalding brothel with delusions, swallows and gnaws and prostitutes itself among the garish fairground attractions of its childish world, rises anew out of the waves for everyone, just as it eventually falls to pieces for everyone.

About Us

We, on the other hand, find ourselves in the ether's star-translumined ice. We know neither days nor hours, are neither men nor women, neither young nor old. Your sins and fears, your murders andlascivious pleasures are stage entertainments to us, just like the orbiting suns. Every day is to us the longest one. Silently nodding to your spasmodic life, silently gazing upon the spinning stars, we breathe the winter of outer space and are friends of the celestial dragon. Our eternal existence is cold and unchanging. Our eternal laughter is cold and lit by stars.


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