Rocks Player
by on June 16, 2022

With the advancement of technology, Rocks Video Player comes with the Floating Video feature. Rocks Player has brought a ton of progress by helping Android users to get the real advantages of multitasking.

With the Floating window, you can enjoy watching your favorite videos while browsing the web or looking at other applications. It implies you can shrink down the video player and float it around other applications you are working on. There is an additional choice to resize the video player and play your games. The best thing is that you can get the genuine benefit of multitasking on your Android phone. You might stop the video, move it, and resize it to any area of the screen.

With these floating video players, the catch is that they are accessible with pro versions of apps. But, it isn't true with Rocks Video Player, an Ultra HD video player and web based application for Android to play several YouTube and local videos through various movable and resizable floating windows at no cost. You can easily download this all format video player on any android device.

Steps to Turn On Floating Window on Rocks Player

Install Rocks Player, an ultra HD media player which upholds up to 4K videos and can likewise play music. After installing Rocks Player, launch the application and play any of your stored video or online content.

Tap on the 3 vertical lines on the home screen while the video is being played. Select the play option and then select "Popup Play". It will naturally resize the video and you can move the video anyplace on the screen. On the bottom of your device, tap the back button and run any applications and keep the video floating over the application.

All things considered, it is an extraordinary example of doing multiple tasks on your android phone. You can enjoy multiple applications simultaneously. This video player floats on the top of any of your phone’s application.

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