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by on June 23, 2022
I'm always looking for new things to cross stitch and embroider. I found these perforated cosmetic bags at Target Dollar Spot last week. They were made from faux leather and are available in ivory or black. They can be found in other colors and in larger sizes, according to my sources. The availability of these bags varies from one store to another and from one state to the next. These bags have a lot of potential, and I was not the only one to see it. These bags have been hot this month in cross stitch circles, and many stitchers have been making their way to Target to grab them. If you can find them at your Target, these are some tips to stitch them. There are two patterns included and a blank chart that will help you create your own. Your pattern should be mapped The stitching area may vary depending on where the fabric was placed when the bag was made. However, the largest points of the bags I bought were 23 stitches high by 37 stitches wide. Because the top of the bag curves, make sure you choose a pattern that will accommodate this shape. I chose a simple chevron design on one bag and paired it with a traditional star motif the other. Both bags felt modernized with a new color palette that included golden metallic floss. Because even a simple pattern can feel special, a little sparkle adds a touch of elegance. Download a copy of my patterns and a blank chart if you wish to create your own. Click the image to download a PDF. Liner management The bag's interior is lined with plastic fabric. It is very thin and easy to use. It can be used to help you stitch. After you're done sewing, you can remove the liner and sew in a new one. This option is labor-intensive, but it also looks the best. The liner can be cut right through so that the backs of your stitches will be visible from the inside. This is the easiest way to go, but be careful not to snag your stitches. Keep the liner in place and stitch carefully to ensure that the liner does not penetrate the stitches. This can be made easier by using a curved needle. The hardest part of your stitching is the beginning and ending. I chose a hybrid method. My stitches were started by knotting my thread and then I pierced through the liner of my bag from the inside. Then, I used the sewing method (shown below) to cross stitch. I finished my thread by passing my needle under the backs and not piercing into the lining. Anchoring the thread can be a bit tricky, but you can turn the bag inside-out to help. This left me with some knots inside the bag, where I had started the stitches. But that was it. That was okay for me. The best way to minimize the appearance of knots is to place them along the bag's edge and then carry your thread under the liner until you are ready to stitch. Prepare your thread Bags are approximately 5-count, which is 5 stitches per inch. My bags were stitched using six strands DMC embroidery floss. Before stitching, I made sure to separate each strand from the others and then bundle them together again. The stitches looked fuller because of this. You can use up to 12 strands to create fuller stitches. Tapestry wool and yarn are also options. It is up to you. I used a 20-size tapestry needle. However, any size will work so long as it can accommodate the thread. Even a blunt tapestry can poke through the liner, as it is very thin. If you are using metallic threads, conditioning with beeswax is a great idea. Embellish the bag I completed my bags by attaching a fun tassel at the zipper. I made a tassel using embroidery floss and the gold metallic thread as an accent with a Loome tool . It was also something I thought might be interesting to use running stitches or back stitch instead of cross stitches. You could even add beads. There are so many options! These bags could be made in batches to give to your friends or bridesmaids. You could make one special for Mother's Day. I'm sure I'll be back at Target soon to shop for more! Are you looking for cross stitch pattern maker online? visit
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