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by on June 29, 2022
The MacAlisters are a part of the Clan Donald. Their ancestral ancestor was Alister who was an ancestor from the well-known Somerled in the Isles. They lived located in Kintyre during the 14th century and later were plentiful throughout Bute in Bute and Arran. In 1481, Charles MacAlister was Steward of Kintyre. John MacAlister, his son John was known as "John from the Loup" and his descendants form the primary family. Another branch, the one of Tarbet was first discovered around the time of the 16th century and then became Constables from Tarbet Castle. The home for the Chief, MacAlister, of the Loup and Lennox, is located located in Kennox, Ayrshire. The badge is Heath. The colors of the MacAlister tartan are red, forest green, light green, blue and white.
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