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by on July 2, 2022
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of any digital company strategy. So, after a while, it’s not uncommon for managers to consider that it’s time to add their SEO team to the organization. As businesses grow, there is a strong tendency for internal marketing performance.

First, it is important to understand that there is no single formula for building an internal SEO team. This team is usually made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including creative and technical skills. Content creators, for example, play an important role in SEO, and often work at different speeds. They need a place to try new things and test their ingenuity. Many companies end up hiring an SEO team for the IT department and this could lead to conflict. While the best solution may be to have a team that focuses on SEO, it is very common for this group to be integrated into the marketing department.

How Do You Build an SEO Workforce?

Building an SEO team will depend on the type of business, market, and strategy you want to invest in. As for the size of your team, these factors also play a role.

● A business can have a group of two or ten people in their internal SEO team.
● What matters is how they combine their strengths and abilities and how that fits in with the overall goals of your project.
● After analyzing your information, it is also helpful to know the common roles that an expert can take on the SEO team.

So, check out this list we put together to help you:

Team leader

Hiring a team leader with experience in SEO will save you a lot of time and trouble. They should be able to provide you with a list of resources the team will need, and appropriately, they will also know who to hire to get the results you want.

SEO expert

The Role of SEO Professionals requires someone with extensive knowledge of SEO expertise. This includes meta information writing information, monitoring search engine algorithms set up by search engines, developing and integrating content marketing strategies, etc.

Outreach / Link Building Specialist

Now, while an SEO professional should be able to perform link-related tasks, if the budget allows it, it is always a good idea to have someone focused on content development and access links.Top SEO companies often have professionals focused on this, as well as many agencies.

SEO manager

This role usually requires a combination of technical and managerial skills. An SEO manager often helps design an SEO workforce strategy while managing other team members and maintaining contact with agencies and contractors.


Content is one of the pillars of SEO. Therefore, copyists are an important part of the team. These are very talented professionals, and they often need freedom and space to get into their work and produce the best content possible, so keep that in mind when planning your team.


Your decision should take into account your specific context and the strengths of your organization. Whatever design you choose, keep in mind that SEO teams should be involved in important business decisions - especially those related to your website and product presentation. In this way, your team will be able to develop and modify strategies and measure outcomes to stay on track to achieve your company’s SEO goals.
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