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by on July 4, 2022
Your healthcare staff can assist you in determining the level of medical care your loved one requires, but it can be more difficult to decide whether a senior needs assistance with daily chores.
For elders with movement challenges brought on by illnesses like arthritis, or because it is too exhausting for seniors with COPD, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments that can bring on great exhaustion, cleaning the house can be challenging.
A messy or cluttered home is not only ugly, but it also puts older citizens' health at risk. Things left on the floor can cause falls. Eating old food can make you sick. Bacteria are present on unwashed surfaces. Bed linens that aren't changed often are a haven for bacteria and parasites.
But frequently, elders find these once-simple duties daunting that were formerly a part of their regular routine.
Some indications that your loved one requires domestic help include:
Extreme clutter, a backlog of dirty laundry, a lack of fresh produce in the house, spoiled or expired food that isn't thrown out, dirty dishes in the living areas, an unpleasant odour throughout the house, trash left on tabletops, counters, and the floor, and objects left on the floor that could trip someone else.
Stacks of unopened mail and bills • Incontinence-related stains on furniture or carpet
A qualified caregiver can handle regular household demands by providing light housekeeping services. The elder feels less stress knowing that duties are being done even though they are unable to do them, and the home is not only a healthier atmosphere.
In addition to lowering the likelihood of exhaustion and injury, having help with household chores creates a clean, secure environment that is good for overall health and recovery.
Your senior loved one can benefit from assistance with light housework from a personal care assistant or home health aide, which may include but is not limited to:
clean the refrigerator and pantry;
aid with meal preparation; assist with pet care;
sweep and mop floors;
vacuum carpet and rugs;
and water plants.
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