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by on July 14, 2022
Play-to-earn gaming platform allows the player to earn more money while you playing games. Users can earn real money while playing p2e games that use cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.
Gamesdapp, a leading NFT Game Development Company provides our valued clients with excellent Play To Earn Game Development services.
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Features In P2E Gaming Platform Development
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts perform on a central server in this gaming platform. Among the primary role of smart contracts required when you create a play-to-earn game include:
Players losing
Players winning
Token exchanges between players’ wallets and the game’s admin
The game’s treasury wallet
Cutlasses and shields protection, for example, will be defined in an entirely different NFT than real-world materials. Game Engineers and Players can use their qualities and heritage to create unique characters and items. These items can be purchased and sold by players to their friends.
Preventing Fraud
This P2E Gaming Platform builds on the Blockchain ntwork where players can find clear and unbiased game.
Game Currency
With the creation of our blockchain based p2e games, players can earn in-game revenue, allowing them to play in even paid editions. They can purchase more games, win more prizes, and save money.
You can simply receive small payments at a reasonable cost and within a short period of time. You can find new subscribers in addition to adding real-world value and different ways to yield more money in the gaming platform.
Benefits Of NFT Play To Earn Gaming Platform Development
NFTs hold huge possibility in the current trend market as it offers a wide range of benefits and features to any platform that is working on it.
Customized Virtual Assets
In the gaming world, customized virtual assets are characterized in the form of NFTs for a more useful for understanding. NFTs help them open wide opportunities in the gaming industry.
In-game NFT assets can be favorably used in other NFT games made on powerful Blockchain technology. As a result, NFTs provide maximum interoperability.
NFT gaming platform is built on strong blockchain technology, and this means all the game activities will be communicated to the parties implicated in the game.
High Revenue System
In gaming, NFTs mean in-game assets that can be liquidated immediately. A player can do this either in the game or in any marketplace.
Why Choose Gamesdapp As Play-To-Earn Game Development Company?
Being a professional blockchain game development company, Gamesdapp offers a highly secure play-to-earn gaming platform with rich graphics and updated features. We aim to offer a p2e gaming platform that can be customized as per the need of your business requirements.
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