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by on July 20, 2022

Are you planning a renovation, a remodel, or a simple refresh? While upgrading the bedroom is a retreat, you should pick the right options for the budget you can allocate. For instance, if you are willing to buy a new bed like the Kentwood Panel Bed, you can’t do that unless you have enough budget.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your bedroom feel better than before. As we said, you need to make the right choices.

So, here’s a list of bedroom upgrade options for all budgets. Follow the one that your pocket allows.


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Zero Budget Options

Who doesn’t like freebies? But, keep in mind that nothing comes for free. Here, you won’t be spending money but your time and effort. And it will be worth it.

  1. Start by de-cluttering the bedroom and organizing things in the desired layout. For this, you need to plan ahead what layout suits the best to your preferences, needs, and bedroom usage habits.
  2. Include deep cleaning to get rid of unwanted items, keeping only the things you need in the bedroom.
  3. You can add seating space with an extra chair from another room or storage with a drawer or chest.

Low Budget Options

If you are planning a bedroom makeover, you might have some budget in mind. However, if you don’t have much to spend on this, here’s how you can play with décor.

  1. Think of different colors on the bedroom walls, bedding, and accessories.
  2. Include patterns and plants to make the space feel lively and interesting.
  3. If the room feels dark, add new lighting or upgrade the existing one. For instance, you can use scones on the sides of the bed.
  4. For windows, you can use multiple layers of blinds and curtains for different looks and purposes.

Medium Budget Options

Wondering if you can add more to the room? Add some new design elements or décor pieces. And that could need you to spend a bit more.

  1. You can add family photos or kid’s art in beautiful frames that match the existing décor.
  2. Alternatively, you can consider adding some memorable artwork.
  3. Another idea is to upgrade the headboard and the space above it with something more attractive.
  4. If you have bedroom closets and enough budget, you can upgrade the closet doors or entrances.
  5. Looking for something unique? Refurbish the room’s fifth wall, the ceiling, with new paint, wallpaper, beams, or planking.

High Budget Options

Big budgets mean big options. Here, you can add a lavish touch to the room or go for a complete makeover. Here’re some options:

  1. Add new furniture items like Windsor Lane Bedroom Chest or another piece you think you need.
  2. Expand the room by taking down walls or pitching the ceiling to accommodate more furnishings and functionality. For instance, add an en suite bathroom if one’s not already there.
  3. In case you sleep with discomfort or wake up with pain, it could be the time for a mattress upgrade.


In short, there’s a bedroom makeover option available for all budgets. And no one’s stopping you from mixing ideas from different sections. You can choose to declutter, repaint, add artwork, and replace furniture like a bed, dresser, or Portrait Dresser Mirror.

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